Our Board

Student Officers

  • Director:Leslie Cagle '18,Shannon Ferguson '19,and Anna Farrell '20
  • Secretary:Sarah Ward '18,Cristina Cerrone '19,and Andrea Griffith '20
  • Development/Finance:Casey Smith '18,Juan Navarro '19,and Will Cook '20
  • Student Liaison:Janessa Milne '18,Bryan Samuelson '19,and Nick Koch '20
  • Attending Liaison:Laila Gerace '18,Rebecca Palmer '19,and Lisa Palomaki '20
  • Technology:Audrey Mallon '18,Stephanie Hayes '19,and Aldo Ornelas '20 
  • IP Board:Andrea Corwin '18,Allison Smouse '19,Taylor Devereux '19,Catherine Fink '20, and Stephanie Jackson '20
  • Outcomes:Shelbey Harris '18,Alan Brinkerhoff '19,and Gillian Beran-Maryott
  • Clinic Coordinators:Diane Bennett '19,Kevin Cannon '19,and Pablo Zarate '20 

Former Student Officers

  • Director:Joseph Broadhead '17,Katherine Blumental '16,and Ally Armstrong '15
  • Secretary:Ann Goding '17,Jordan Johnson '16,and Nira Salant '15
  • Development/Finance:Jennifer Gebhardt '17,Blake Rowinski '16,and Garett Jacobson '15
  • Student Liaison:Scott Allred '17,Preston Ward '16, Katelyn Metcalf '15,and Erica Peterrich '15
  • Attending Liaison:Chris Whetton '17,Lauren Johnson '16,and Erin Sweetser '15
  • Technology:Neil Scheuermann '17,Brett Fechter '16,and Geoff Buchanan '15
  • IP Board:Alex Engar '17
  • Community Liaison:Natalie Hale '16,Todd Monson '16,and marissa Floodman '15
  • Outcomes:Brianna Stewart '17,Simone Mata '16,and Kayla Trobec '15
  • Clinic Coordinators:Karina Abrew '17

Faculty Advisor Board

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Phone: 385-887-9002 (please leave a message)
Fax: 801-587-7607
49 Center St
Midvale, UT 84047


Monetary (cash or check) and equipment donations can also be made at the main office of the Department of Physical Therapy, 520 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, 84108 (located in Research Park). Checks should be made out to the Department of Physical Therapy, just write Pro-bono clinic in the memo line.

All donations are tax deductible and all funds will go directly to the clinic. Although we are currently unable to accept large pieces of equipment, we would greatly appreciate many smaller items and supplies (e.g., variety of tape, resistance bands, small free weights, medicine balls, foam rollers, ice packs, hand sanitizer, etc).

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