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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application deadline?

We review doctoral applications once a year. The deadline for all doctoral applicants is January 15. 

Are there any teaching and research assistantships for graduate students?

Yes. These typically involve 20 hours of work each week for nine months and include a monthly stipend, tuition remission, and health benefits. Specific job requirements depend on the source of funding and supervisor. We try to match incoming students with funding opportunities. No separate application is needed. View upcoming graduate assistantships.

Can I be admitted if my previous degrees are not in Parks, Recreation, or Tourism?

Yes. If admitted, you will be required to complete some content awareness classes before you can take core graduate classes. The specific classes depend on your background and previous course work, and may include up to 12 hours of undergraduate courses in the Department.

Do I need to take the GRE to be admitted to your graduate program?

Yes. The GRE (or an equivalent test) is a required part of the application for the graduate programs.

I’ve missed the application deadline, but would like to take a class to see what your program is about. Is this possible?

If you are a current University of Utah student, or can become a current student, then we can help you select courses that might help you in the graduate program. These might either include content awareness classes (see above) or lower division graduate classes that do not have prerequisites. If you are not a current student at the University of Utah, you may be able to take classes by being admitted as a student seeking a second bachelor’s degree.

Who should I ask to write my letters of recommendation?

While there are no explicit requirements, previous university instructors are often better able to answer the specific questions regarding your ability to succeed in a graduate program. If academic references are unavailable, letters from current or previous supervisors are generally superior to those of your peers or colleagues.

Where do I send my application materials?

All materials can be submitted via The Graduate School's Application Portal.

As a master’s student, when do I have to decide between the Thesis and Professional tracks?

After you are admitted and before you enroll in classes you should discuss this option with your graduate advisor or the Director of Graduate Studies. It is somewhat challenging to switch between these tracks once you have taken a semester’s worth of classes.

Do I need a faculty sponsor to be admitted?

The availability of faculty advisors does influence admissions. We match applicants to faculty interests, talents, and available time during the admissions process. However, given the large number of international applicants, it is often beneficial for international students to have a faculty sponsor prior to application to the program.

Undergraduate Advising

Eric Gardner

Undergraduate Advisor

Phone: 801-585-0832

Online ST&HM Program

Preston Tanner

Online Program Coordinator

Phone: 801-587-7357

Program Director

Dr. Kelly Bricker

Director of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

Phone: 801-585-6503

Graduate Advising

Dr. Dorothy Schmalz

Director of Graduate Studies

Phone: 801-581-8080

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