Student Feedback

Dave is an amazing advisor!  In terms of planning, he gave me as much time as I needed to get all the information I needed.  He is great with students and very helpful and welcoming.

She's the best! Ms. Neilson - Hailey, is genuinely interested in my specific needs and I never feel rushed.  She's also so kind.

I was provided many additional options I had not thought about in my academic pursuits. 

Loren provided me with additional campus resources and information for applying to College of Health scholarships.  He is the bomb!

Jojo is wonderful, she exceeded my advising expectations in so many ways!  Thank you, Jojo.

I always leave Eric's office feeling confident and happy, he personalizes each and every appointment I have with him.  He truly cares.

Kelly is cheerful and so excited when we meet, she makes me feel excited about what I want and need to accomplish.

The atmosphere is really supportive, even when I've been in a jam. I never feel embarassed to talk to my advisor about difficulties I may be having with my schedule or a specific class.

I've met with other advisors in the university, none have given me as much direction or shared resources available to me, as I have received in the Center for Student Success.

All my questions were answered, I received five star treatment.  I was given helpful resources and knowledge of how to graduate.

I know exactly what I need to do to meet requirements.  I have a specific plan to follow.  I feel comfortable about contacting my advisor with other future questions I may have.  I was very satisfied with this appointment.