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The SMERF houses muscle training equipment as well as measurement lab stations for assessing muscle structure, function and analyses of activity performance.

Resistance, Balance and Mobility Training

  • RENEW Ergometers (3 lower extremity and 1 upper extremity)
  • Leg Extension
  • Leg Press
  • Free Weights

Muscle Function Assessment

  • Kin-Com Dynamometer and custom software
  • Nottingham Leg Extension Power Rig
  • Grass Telefactor S48 Square Pulse Stimulator and custom software
  • Custom built force-moment sensing pedals with a JR3 Force-Moment 500L sensor with capabilities to measure simultaneously six degrees of motion including forces and moments.
  • 8 channel Bortec Biomedical EMG measurement system with pre-amplified surface electrodes

Muscle Structure Assessment

  • Custom MRI analysis software
  • Kinematic / Kinetic Assessment
  • 6 Camera VICON 3-dimensional (3-D) motion measurement system
  • AMTI MSA-6 Biomechanics Ground Reaction Force Platform with custom built adjustable flooring

Data Acquisition and Analysis

  • Three National Instruments Data Acquisition systems with custom written software are incorporated with all hardware

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