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Textbook Lists

Textbook information can be found by viewing your class schedule in CIS or at the Campus Bookstore.

Graduation Information

Students are responsible for tracking their progress toward graduation.

Graduation Application Deadlines

Graduation Term/Month

Application Deadline

Spring Graduation (May) January 29
Summer Graduation (August) May 26
Fall Graduation (December) September 3

Undergraduate Students

When a student has reached 90 credit hours, they will be eligible to apply for graduation. Students need to visit and print the Applying to Graduate checklist

To apply on or before the due date simply click on the “Apply for Graduation – Undergraduate” link under the Graduation menu box in Campus Information Services (CIS) and follow the instructions on each page. Note: This link does not become active until you have a minimum of 90 credits completed.

If you do not apply for graduation by the above stated deadline, you will be charged a late fee and may have your graduation delayed. Students are able to renew their graduation application once without penalty. Graduation applications will not be accepted more than one year in advance.

Degree Audit

The My Degree Dashboard is the official clearance tool for graduation. You, along with the academic advisor must ensure that your audit report is clear (all green) in order for the Registrar’s Office, Graduation Division to award a degree. This means that all requirements have been completed and any exceptions have been entered by final grading deadlines. Students who finish work after the semester’s completion MUST reapply for graduation for a future semester.

The catalog year is important in this process. The catalog year reflects the date you declared your major or the year agreed upon by you and your advisor. The catalog year determines the set of requirements that need to be complete via the degree audit report for graduation clearance.

You may choose a catalog year that was in effect no more than 4 years prior to graduation. The catalog year must be indicated on your graduation application.

Graduate Students

To do this, students must log into the Campus Information System (CIS) and click on the student tab, find the heading "Graduation Information." Under the subheading "Graduation", select "Graduate Student Degree Tracking". Students should also view the Graduation Overview for Masters Candidates on the Graduate School website. 

  • Request for Supervisory Committee
  • Program of Study
    - This lists all the courses that are part of the degree.
  • Graduate candidates for graduation must complete an Application for Graduate Degree with the Registrar’s Office. Please refer to application deadlines above.
  • Final Examination for the Master's Degree
    - This will be completed in the final academic semester. The passing decision is made by the student's committee chair.


Student Groups

Diversity & Inclusion Student Group

The University of Utah COTAD Chapter is a member of the Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity.

COTAD Chapter

How We Started

The COTAD chapter at the University of Utah was founded by students in the fall of 2020 to promote inclusion and diversity in the field of occupational therapy. Our chapter aims to increase student awareness surrounding occupational justice and the ability of future occupational therapy practitioners to serve an increasingly diverse population. 

Who We Are

The University of Utah COTAD chapter provides learning opportunities, resources, and a space for students to engage in open conversations to increase cultural humility and competence, and awareness of the different lived experiences of our future clients. Every occupational therapy student has a stake in a future in which occupational therapy is accessible, inclusive, and effective for all. Through this chapter, students have opportunities to enhance and discover how culture, gender, race, sex, religion, socioeconomic status, and more impact not only the way people live, but the way people engage in their most meaningful occupations. 

Mission: Prioritizing accessibility, this chapter is a resource for students to engage, learn, and connect on topics of diversity and their importance to occupational therapy practice. 

Current 3rd Year COTAD Liaison
Alissa Atisme

Faculty Liaison
Anne V. Kirby

Student Occupational Therapy Association

SOTA is the organization for occupational therapy students enrolled in accredited occupational therapy programs. This organization begins the process of professional development and socialization toward future careers in occupational therapy practice.

Students are linked to other occupational therapy students across the country through the Association of Student Delegates (ASD) to the American Occupational Therapy Association in order to share regional, national, and international issues.

Many of the activities of SOTA are intended to help students balance their demanding academic lives with play/leisure opportunities, service projects, and fund-raising activities.