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Tuition Rates

The Board of Regents and the University of Utah Administration have designated the Occupational Therapy program as one of the programs with differential tuition for all students.

Students will be required to pay an increased amount of tuition--in addition to regular tuition. These monies are earmarked specifically for the Occupational Therapy program to help support our curriculum and programs.

There will also be fees for certain classes and labs. View tuition rates. We estimate around $300 to $500 for textbooks based on the semester. We encourage students to purchase used or e-books to reduce costs. The OT faculty work together to coordinate textbook needs. For example, a book you'll purchase for your first semester will continue to be used throughout the curriculum. 

Scroll down to Occupational Therapy. Click on the applicable residency to see the current rates.

Program Costs

Tuition is based on the University of Utah's Cost of Attendance (COA) and fees for classes currently required for the Masters in Occupational Therapy. If you have questions about residency please refer to University guidelines. On average, there is a 3% increase in tuition each year. The tables below is based of tuition rates for 2022-2023. 

Estimated Resident Tuition for Students Entering the Program in 2022

Year Term Credits Course Fees Base Tuition Differential Tuition Mandatory Fees Total
1 Fall 16 $200 $5,780 $5,856 $576 $12,412
  Spring 16 $90 $5,780 $5,856 $576 $12,302
  Summer 10 $100 $3,977 $5,856 $576 $10,509
2 Fall 15 $315 $5,480 $5,856 $576 $12,227
  Spring 15 $285 $5,480 $5,856 $576 $12,197
  Summer 9   $3,676   $576 $4,252
3 Fall 10   $3,977   $576 $4,553
            TOTAL $68,452

Estimated Non-resident Tuition for Students Entering the Program in 2022

After one year in the program students may be eligible to reclassify to resident. Only one year of out-of-state tuition has been used for our estimates. If for any reason you are no longer eligible for in-state tuition costs will be different. If you have questions about tuition and in-state versus out-of-state tuition, please contact the University's Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. International students will pay non-resident tuition for the entirety of the program. 

Year Term Credits Course Fees Base Tuition Differential Tuition Mandatory Fees Total
1 Fall 16 $200 $19,328 $5,856 $576 $25,960
  Spring 16 $90 $19,328 $5,856 $576 $25,850
  Summer 10 $100 $3,977 $5,856 $576 $10,509
2 Fall 15 $315 $5,480 $5,856 $576 $12,227
  Spring 15 $285 $5,480 $5,856 $576 $12,197
  Summer 9   $3,676   $576 $4,252
3 Fall 10   $3,977   $576 $4,553
            TOTAL $95,548

Program costs for Class of 2023, as compiled by the Occupational Therapy program, based on the current year income accounting rates and additional fees per course.

Residency Information

Residency Requirements

Tuition at the University of Utah is charged at differential rates for residents versus non-residents. If you are admitted as a non-resident, we strongly recommend that you read the University’s Institutional Policy on residency reclassification which may be found here:


The MOT Program at the University of Utah has been approved by the Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP) of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE)! This program enables students in Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada and Wyoming to attend graduate school in Utah at the resident rate. For more information, please visit WICHE


Scholarship Opportunities

The following scholarships are offered to OT students through the Department of OTRT:

  • Joseph Ray & Lorna S. Broadbent Scholarship
  • Gordon and Betty Browning Scholarship
  • Ronald L. and Dona P. Call Scholarship
  • Chen and Zee Family Scholarship
  • Don B. Hutchison Scholarship
  • G. Mitchell Morris Scholarship
  • Occupational Therapy Alumni Scholarship
  • Eugene D. and Ann O. Wright Family Scholarship

Please follow this link to submit your application and for additional information about the scholarship requirements and deadlines:

A comprehensive list of university wide scholarships can be found at Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid.