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The Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Tourism Lab (ORET) research team is situated in the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism at the University of Utah is comprised of accomplished Ph.D. researchers who hold diverse expertise and practical experience in all areas related to ORET Lab’s mission, goals, and services.

Kelly Bricker, PhD

Dr. Bricker has inter-disciplinary research interests that address issues faced by business enterprises, local communities, public and private land managers, with respect to the sustainable management of outdoor recreation and tourism. Dr. Bricker works to evaluate environmental and social impacts of tourism, issues relative to managing nature-based recreation areas, visitor experiences and demand, certifications and guidelines, and natural resource related visitor capacities. Through her work with a range of stakeholders and contexts, Kelly has explored problems relevant to rural communities in developing countries and gateway community pressures in and near protected areas. Kelly contributes to understanding the complex relationships between sustainable recreation and tourism and the health and well-being of communities and their constituents. Recently, she co-authored edited Sustainable Tourism & the Millennium Development Goals: Effecting Positive Change. Dr. Bricker has presented in numerous international and regional conferences and symposiums on topics relevant to sustainable tourism and natural resource recreation. Her work has been published in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Tourism Geographies, and the Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, and several books. She currently serves as the Chair of The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) and Vice Chair for the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). More Researcher Information

Jim Sibthorp, PhD

Dr. Sibthorp teaches courses on youth programming, outdoor education, and research design and analysis. Jim’s current research focuses on youth development through outdoor and adventure programming. Through his work with both the American Camp Association (ACA) and the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), Jim continues to design, implement, and translate studies that bridge research and practice. Jim has written extensively on topics involving outdoor and adventure education and regularly publishes in the Journal of Leisure Research, Leisure Sciences, and the Journal of Experiential Education. He is a coauthor (with Alan Ewert) of Outdoor Adventure Education: Foundations, Theory, and Research, which was published in 2014. He currently serves on the Research Advisory Council for the Coalition for Education in the Outdoors and the Editorial Advisory Committee for the Association of Experiential Education. More Researcher Information

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The Outdoor Recreation, Education, & Tourism Lab

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