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Student Projects

  • In​​​ the Office of Wellness and Integrative Health, inclusion of diverse frameworks and experiences actively leads us toward redefining health and wellbeing throughout the field of healthcare. We recognize the systemic disparities that exist in healthcare for historically underserved communities and we aim to reduce racism, classism, heterosexism, ableism and other forms of systemic bias through our programming. 

    Within our department, we are making efforts to reach, listen to, and support people of all backgrounds. The Wellness Bus’s goal is to provide accessible, high-quality healthcare services to communities that have been systematically overlooked. We warmly welcome anyone and everyone. And our Resiliency Center provides supportive resources specifically for BIPOC individuals facing racism, while also promoting the practice of allyship within our programs and institution. 

    We look forward to a bright future and recognize that our anti-racist work is just beginning. Our goal is to weave equity, diversity and inclusion throughout our work, amplify the voices of BIPOC experts, employees and community members, and expand our relationships to include more diverse leaders and audiences. 

    We know that our community is not well until everyone within our community is well. We know that Black Lives Matter and, therefore, Black Wellness Matters. Our goal is to affect the wellness in the community for the better and a community includes us all!

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We team up with students to help them reach their educational goals. See what our students are up to.

Deaf Adult Healthy Lifestyle Project

Student: Danny James
Program of Study: Coaching Wellness

Having a personal connection to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing culture, Danny, a CDC certified Diabetes Program Facilitator, implemented a healthy lifestyle program within a sample of Deaf adults that was based on the constructs of the National Diabetes Prevention Program. Deaf adults with pre-diabetes are more likely to be unaware that they have it and those with diabetes demonstrate poorer control of blood glucose levels. Before the start of the project, Danny conducted biometric screenings with supplies provided by PEAK Health & Fitness to increase awareness about health risks and inform the Deaf community of the workshops. Danny implemented the project from November 2016 until March of 2017. Upon the conclusion of the project, Danny plans to write an article for the ACSM Health & Fitness journal to educate other health and fitness professionals of best practices and competencies when working with this population.

Corporate Wellness Project

Student: Leah Carroll
Program of Study: Coaching Wellness

Leah held weekly classes at the Businesses Services Building (BSB) in downtown Salt Lake City. These classes consisted of exercise/fitness classes and lunch and learns on various wellness topics. She conducted a total of 11 classes over the course of 4 months. Additionally, during the time she spent at the BSB, Leah offered individualized health coaching and personalized physical activity plans. Low attendance at the classes fostered the idea to send out a survey to the building to determine why people weren't showing up. Results from the survey demonstrated that there were three main barriers to attending wellness activities: 1. employees are on strict schedules and have little autonomy, 2. Managerial support for wellness activities is lacking, and 3. There are few employee resources (such as a gym, changing room, etc.). Materials and support provided by PEAK Health and Fitness.

Pacific Islander Lifestyle Project

Student: Amanda Bishop
Program of Study: Coaching Wellness

Amanda provided glucose screening supported by PEAK Health and Fitness at a Health Fair for Pacific Islanders. Utah has the largest population of Pacific Islanders in the mainland US, and many among this population are disproportionately impacted by multiple chronic disease including Type 2 Diabetes. Understanding what factors may influence lifestyle behaviors in physical activity and nutrition are a critical step in planning and implementing effective population specific programing aimed at lowering incidents of diabetes diagnosis. Amanda conducted multiple qualitative interviews to gather information that will inform her and others as to what some of these factors are. As a CDC certified Diabetes Program Facilitator she plans on utilizing this data further by facilitating a year long Pacific Islander group Diabetes Prevention Program.

Kohl’s Careful Kids

Student: Melanie Ellis
Program of Study: Health Promotion and Education

Melanie took the lead on the 2016/2017 Kohls Careful Kids Campaign. The development of the program would be a partnership between PEAK Health and Fitness (led by Melanie), University of Utah Hospital’s Trauma Outreach Team, and Rumor Advertising. Melanie will run the program November-April 2017. and we proposed doing two school presentations a month during that time, as well as participation in two to three kid-focused community events.

Ballet West

Student: Allison Kraft
Program of Study: Coordinated Master’s Program in Nutrition

Allison provided individual consultations and cooking classes for Ballet West Academy athletes.

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