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PEAK Health & Fitness

  • In​​​ the Office of Wellness and Integrative Health, inclusion of diverse frameworks and experiences actively leads us toward redefining health and wellbeing throughout the field of healthcare. We recognize the systemic disparities that exist in healthcare for historically underserved communities and we aim to reduce racism, classism, heterosexism, ableism and other forms of systemic bias through our programming. 

    Within our department, we are making efforts to reach, listen to, and support people of all backgrounds. The Wellness Bus’s goal is to provide accessible, high-quality healthcare services to communities that have been systematically overlooked. We warmly welcome anyone and everyone. And our Resiliency Center provides supportive resources specifically for BIPOC individuals facing racism, while also promoting the practice of allyship within our programs and institution. 

    We look forward to a bright future and recognize that our anti-racist work is just beginning. Our goal is to weave equity, diversity and inclusion throughout our work, amplify the voices of BIPOC experts, employees and community members, and expand our relationships to include more diverse leaders and audiences. 

    We know that our community is not well until everyone within our community is well. We know that Black Lives Matter and, therefore, Black Wellness Matters. Our goal is to affect the wellness in the community for the better and a community includes us all!

    Anti-Racist Education Resources, BIPOC Support, and Involvement Opportunities

    BIPOC Employee Support
    Anti-Racism Resources for University Employees 
    Friday Forums
    Mindfulness Programs
    Get involved in anti-racism in Utah

Providing Fitness and Wellness Services for University and Community

PEAK Health and Fitness is a partnership between the College of Health and the Office of Wellness and Integrative Health at the University of Utah. PEAK offers a variety of workshops and seminars, health assessment and fitness testing, nutrition services, continuing education opportunities, and our popular employee fitness classes!


Summer Semester Fitness Classes – In-person or virtual!

Unlock your full potential with our invigorating University of Utah employee fitness classes designed to ignite your energy, boost productivity, and foster connection! PEAK classes run May 15-July 31 (no classes on May 27, June 17, July 4 or 24).

We take pride in offering an extensive range of fitness classes, conveniently located at various spots across the campus. Choose from our diverse options including:

  • Bootcamp
  • Circuit training
  • Dumbbell strength training
  • Functional Fitness
  • Indoor cycling
  • Stretch and Strengthen
  • Weight Training
  • Yoga
  • Zumba

Visit our class schedule to see what options are available.

PEAK Mission

PEAK's core responsibility is to provide practical training and education for undergraduate and graduate students in the College of Health. These types of opportunities foster the development of knowledge, skills, and abilities for the students and provide professional-level health, fitness and wellness services to the University and Community members.

Contact Us

Phone: 801-585-7325

HPER East 217
260 South 1850 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84112