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Reimagine Life After Stroke


Stroke can have a profound impact on a person’s life as well as their family. Unfortunately, changes in mood, such as feeling down or having difficulty enjoying things, can be a common experience for persons who have had a stroke and can also affect the person’s spouse/partner. We created a program for couples who have experienced a stroke in order to improve their mood and well-being.

We are currently recruiting participants!

If interested, please contact us via one of the options below:

(385) 799-1515

Or complete this form and one of our team members will contact you. 


  • Three months to three years post-stroke
  • At least one partner has experienced changes in mood
  • Couples must have been living together at least 9 months

Study Information

  • Eight-week program completed at home
  • Improve coping and increase resilience
  • Compensation will be provided

Study Coordinator

Catharine Sparks, MS
Phone: (385)-799-1515

Having the opportunity to take in things. Everything is busy. The world is busy. My wife is busy. And it’s made me step back and just savor things.