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Tuition Rates

The Board of Regents and the University of Utah Administration have designated the Master of Science in Recreational Therapy as one of the programs with differential tuition for all students. Students will be required to pay an differential tuition in addition to regular tuition. These monies are earmarked specifically for the Recreational Therapy program to help support our curriculum and programs.

Calculate your tuition based on the number of credits per semester. View tuition rates and schedules. Estimated tuition for 9 credits is about $5,800 for a resident and $14,000 for a non-resident. All students pay resident tuition rates for the summer semester.

Residency Requirements

Tuition at the University of Utah is charged at different rates for residents versus non-residents. If you are admitted as a non-resident, we strongly recommend that you read the University’s Institutional Policy on residency reclassification which may be found here:


The MS in RT program at the University of Utah participates in the Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE). This allows students from the region's states pay up to 150 percent of resident tuition. We are limited in the number of students we can accept for this program. If you are from a qualifying state, please submit a brief statement to describe how you would benefit from this program. 
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