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PI: Kota Takahashi

Sayu Lab for Biomechanics & Locomotion

Sayu Lab


We aim to discover and disseminate our understanding of human movement and to improve mobility outcomes in people with various health conditions. We bridge concepts spanning kinesiology, engineering, and rehabilitation medicine to examine how humans produce, consume, and/or dissipate various forms of energy (e.g., mechanical, metabolic, thermal) to maneuver in the world.

Through curiosity-driven research, we are committed to establishing a collaborative and inclusive environment for scientists at various academic levels (undergraduate and graduate students, and postdocs), consistent with the College of Health and the University of Utah’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion efforts.

In Memory of Sayu Takahashi

Our lab is named after PI's daughter, Sayu (pronounced "SAH-yu"). In honor of her life affected by stillbirth (2022), we strive to nurture an environment for lifelong learning, growth, and exploration.