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Intensive Stuttering Clinic

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July 22, 2024 - August 2, 2024

Applications will be accepted until clinic is full (typically around May-June of each year)

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Intensive Stuttering Clinic

The Intensive Stuttering Clinic (ISC) is designed to work with individuals who stutter, providing a comprehensive approach to achieving fluency. With a maximum of eight participants, we offer a supportive environment where you'll learn and practice effective techniques for managing stuttering.

The Intensive Stuttering Clinic is run by a certified speech language pathologist who has more than 20 years of experience working with people who stutter. Stutter therapy focuses on helping adults and older adolescents become confident communicators. We utilize a variety of evidence-based fluency shaping and fluency management techniques to craft an individualized treatment plan that targets your specific needs and priorities.

Common challenges that a person who stutters may experience:

  • Increased stress and decreased participation in social events
  • Difficulty making and maintaining friendships
  • Stress, anxiety, and frustration around speaking
  • Mental fatigue following speaking events
  • Decreased confidence when socially interacting
  • Fear of interviewing for jobs and going out on dates

Julia Lidgard speaks with Mary Dickson from PBS Connect about the Intensive Stuttering Clinic


How can we help?

Stuttering is a multidimensional disorder that demands a multidimensional treatment approach. At its core, stuttering is a disorder of speech motor control. But the disorder of stuttering is more than just the stuttering; it also involves a lifetime of dealing with the anxiety and avoidances caused by the stuttering. The ISC targets both improved speech production and stuttering management.

THE ANSWER: A two-week intensive stuttering clinic for adults and adolescents age 15+

How does the clinic work?

The two-week Intensive Clinic Experience is designed to help individuals manage their stuttering through a structured approach. This is an intensive stutter therapy program where we typically meet daily from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Through one-on-one direct stutter therapy sessions, you'll master fluency shaping and management techniques tailored to your needs. We come together as a group, engaging in fun conversational games that allow you to practice these techniques in a supportive setting.

Once you've learned and integrated these strategies, the next step is venturing out into the community. You'll have the opportunity to apply your new skills in real-world situations, such as shopping at the mall, ordering at the food court, and engaging in conversations with unfamiliar individuals in different environments.

Goals of the Intensive Stuttering Clinic:

  • Learn new speaking skills that facilitate fluent speech
  • Reduce number and severity of stuttering moments
  • Foster a proactive attitude toward improving speech production
  • Practice learned techniques in real-life situations
  • Foster a good understanding and healthy acceptance of stuttering
  • Manage stress and anxiety related to stuttering and speaking
  • Increase self-confidence

Program Structure

    On the first day, we determine the severity of the stutter by administering a variety of tests. Over the course of the first week, you are taught fluency shaping and management techniques during one-on-one intense drill format sessions.

    After these individual sessions, we reunite as a group to engage in conversational games and exchanges, allowing you to practice the taught strategies and techniques. Throughout the week, you'll have opportunities to apply the skills in different settings, such as one-on-one, small groups, larger groups, role-playing scenarios, presentations, surveys, and telephone conversations.

    The second week is dedicated to practicing your newly acquired skills in real world situations. We engage in conversational exchanges off-site, visiting places like the University of Utah campus and local malls.

    We'll work with you to create a personalized home management plan, ensuring you can continue practicing and applying the techniques independently after the clinic is over.

    Being around others who stutter, being supported, and watching those inspirational videos was really nice. It made me not worry if I stutter but let me know that if I do, it's not the end of the world and I have the ability to be in control.”
    Jack (2023 Intensive Stuttering Clinic Participant)

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