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Intensive Stuttering Clinic

A two-week intensive stuttering clinic for adults and adolescents (ages 15 and older)

Stuttering is a multidimensional disorder that demands a multidimensional treatment approach. At its core, stuttering is a disorder of speech motor control. But the disorder of stuttering is more than just the stuttering; it also involves a lifetime of dealing with the anxiety and avoidances caused by the stuttering. The ISC targets both improved speech production and stuttering management. The goals of the Intensive Stuttering Clinic are:

  • Learn new speaking skills that facilitate fluent speech
  • Reduce number and severity of stuttering moments
  • Foster a proactive attitude toward improving speech production
  • Practice learned techniques in real-life situations
  • Foster a good understanding and healthy acceptance of stuttering
  • Manage stress and anxiety related to stuttering and speaking
  • Increase self-confidence

Next Clinic: TBD

Applications will be accepted until clinic is full (typically around May of each year)


  • Download the Registration Form HERE


Since attending the clinic my stuttering has gone from a major issue in my life, to not being an issue at all. I am almost 100% fluent and speech is something I don't even think about anymore. I'm a firefighter for the United States Forest Service now. I believe I would never have achieved this goal without the ISC

Matt D.

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This program is made possible by generous funding from David E. Simmons, CEO, Simmons Media Group.