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Students are required to complete either a formal evidence-based inservice and/or project of interest during each full-time clinical internship. The inservice/project should be relevant to the staff at the facility and a learning opportunity for the student. Students should expect to spend 10 – 20 hours on the project and should be presented to the clinical faculty/staff at the site. If possible, the student is encouraged do a collaborative project with another student from any discipline.

  1. Inservice option: complete an evidenced-based educational presentation based on a clinical question from the internship, AND/OR
  2. Project option: complete an evidenced-based project for the site. This should be a site identified need and will result in a usable product

Topic and Format

The topic should be a mutual decision between the student and the clinical instructor(s). It MUST be evidence-based. We highly suggest the topic and format be determined within the first 3 weeks of the internship with an outline and timeline ready to share with the CI(s) by midterm.

Examples from past projects/inservices include:

  • Teach staff how to find literature online including setting up RSS feeds on clinical questions
  • Synthesize literature on latest surgical updates, modalities or special tests
  • Participate in a research project or a portion of a research project
  • Create a patient oriented bulletin board
  • Create a poster for educational purposes
  • Create a patient education video, booklet, brochure
  • Research information on health issues related to different cultures within the community
  • Develop an information packet regarding community services for individuals with specific diagnoses/conditions or patient populations
  • Develop or modify educational information for different cultural groups or patient populations
  • Update existing presentations or computerize a presentation
  • Create standardized forms for evaluations, progress notes, discharge
  • Design new exercise programs or re-design old programs
  • Create/modify/update the student information packet for the site
  • Design an interdisciplinary student journal club or grand rounds
  • Participate in a marketing project
  • Participate in an administrative project or a portion of a project
  • Find information and costs for a new piece of equipment
  • Develop a brochure on accessible public transportation for patients/clients
  • Create a caregiver packet
  • Participate in, or develop, a screening program (community screening, injury screening for nurses and aides, fall prevention, etc.)
  • Develop a system for loaning used equipment (standing frames, outgrown pediatric equipment)
  • Design templates for medical equipment letters of medical necessity (with literature justifications)
  • Collection of best standardized outcome measures to be used with individuals with a specific diagnosis/condition

Text to be submitted to the DCE: A written narrative (paragraph) on the project/inservice submitted on WebCT.

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