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Fieldwork students will assemble packets made of objects, tools, and sometimes simple games to practice the mechanics of everyday life as part of a patients rehabilitation. We've compiled some examples to help students create their own fieldwork kits.

Examples of Past Student Projects

The photos shown below can help FW students generate ideas for projects or help practitioners to build their own kits. Additional ideas are listed in this document. Click image to enlarge

    • Assembly

      Ladder ball game

    • Car Washing

      Carwash Kit

    • Child Care

      Child Care

    • Electrical Wiring

      Electrical Wiring

    • Event Planning

      Event Planning

    • Gardening


    • Medication Management

      pill bottles, pretend pills, pill box

    • Money and Shopping

      money coupons checkbook calculator

    • Pet Care

      Pet Care

    • Restaurant

      menu plate tray

    • Transportation

      transit schedules bus driver map

    • Travel

      suitcase clothes