All letters of recommendation requests from students must have written permission from the student to release personal information. A release form is available at: Authors of recommendation letters should keep this form on file for a minimum of one year.

There are several College of Health scholarship opportunities available to prospective and current students. Individuals interested in applying for a scholarship should download the applications on this site and provide all the necessary information required. For department/division-specific scholarships visit the respective department/division website.


Available Scholarships:


Each scholarship in the College of Health, requires a separate scholarship application cover sheet, statement, letters of recommendation, and other required documenation.  Attach one sided documents with a paperclip or small binder clip. Please do not staple. 

Deliver personally or mail scholarship application, letters of recommendation, and materials to: University Of Utah, Sorenson Legacy Foundation for Student Success, ATTN. Lorraine Brown, 250 South 1850 East, Room 200, HPR N, Salt Lake City, Utah  84112-0920.

Contact Us

Shari Lindsey

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Phone: 801-585-5764


Lorraine Brown

Administrative Officer

Phone: 801-581-8379


For scholarship questions please contact: Shari Lindsey or Lorraine Brown

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