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Barbara Fink

Barbara Fink, PT, DPT, OCS

Academic Office Information

Dr. Barbara Fink earned her BS in Physical Therapy from Temple University in 1988 and her DPT from Creighton University in 2003. In her early career, she worked in Pennsylvania in acute care, rehab, home health, and did a little consulting in pediatrics and in group homes for adults with cognitive disability. The remainder of her professional life has been in Outpatient orthopedics in both Oregon and Utah. Dr. Fink has been practicing in the University Orthopaedic Center since 1997. She is a board-certified clinical specialist in Orthopaedic PT, is certified in dry needling, and is a certified manual physical therapist. Her clinical interests span the orthopaedic spectrum including all body regions (except hand therapy, since the UOC has designated hand therapists), manual therapy, and injury prevention.

"I love being a mentor in our residency program. I enjoy accompanying our residents on the journey from being high performing new (or fairly new) grads to top quality orthopedic clinical specialists. I appreciate the rigor of our program and the intensity of effort our residents invest."

Dr. Fink is married; their daughter is a student at the University of Utah. She enjoy hiking, biking, camping, skiing, and cats.

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