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Resources For You

We at the College of Health (COH) have complied a list of resources at the University of Utah (U of U). for the community. We have included the organization, services they provide, and contact information. See resources below. 

This list is not exhaustive. If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, please contact us or one of the resources we've listed to get you the assistance you need. 

If there are any additional resources you would like to add to the list please contact us

"How do I report a..."

Office of Equity at the University of Utah

If you are looking for a general page of EDI-related resources, the Main Campus's EDI page is a great place to start.

Office of Health Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

The College of Health is committed to having resources, events, news, and more pertaining to EDI.

Resource Table of Contents

    Administrative Services

    Admissions Office

    Questions in regards to application or admittance into the University of Utah, transfer credit, etc.

    Domestic: 801-581-7283

    International: 801-581-8761

    Office of the Registrar

    Grading, enrolling, Change of Graduate Classification, Leave of Absence, etc.


    International Student & Scholar Services Office

    Last semester, Leave of Absence, vita status, etc.


    Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid

    Find resources to help with paying for college.


    Income Accounting

    Tuition bill information.


    Graduation Division

    Applying for graduation, statement of degree completions, etc.


    Transcript & Verification Division Office

    Transcripts, degree letters after the degrees have been posted, etc.


    The Graduate School

    Dr. Araceli Frias, Assistant Dean for Diversity,, 801-581-6233

    Diane Cotsonas, International Teaching Assistant Program,, 801-585-6659


    Thesis Office

    Kelly Harward, Thesis Editor,, 801-581-7643

    Trista Emmer, Assistant Thesis Editor,, 801-581-8893

    Michelle Turner, Assistant Thesis Editor,, 801-581-5076


    Basic Needs & Services

    SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program a.k.a Foodstamps)

    • Many students don't know they are eligible for SNAP. The is a brief video on the right about what SNAP is and how to apply.


    • Similarly, many students don't know they are eligible for Medicaid. The is a brief video on the right is about what Medicaid is and how to apply.

    Feed U Pantry

    • Provides non-perishable, nourishing food for our students, their families, faculty and staff.
    • Located in the basement of the University of Utah Student Union.

    The University of Utah Basic Needs Collective

    • Website:

    Student Health Center

    Student Housing & Residential

    Student Jobs & Career Services

    Civil Rights Organizations

    The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP): Salt Lake City Branch 

    The branch is busy throughout the years with legislative issues, scholarships, veterans, discrimination, housing, employment, youth and college issues. 

    • Toll Free Phone: (877) 637-1958 

    • Email: 

    • Address: NAACP Salt Lake Branch, P.O. Box 25414, Salt Lake City, Utah 84125 

    • Website

    Utah Black Roundtable 

    The Utah Black Roundtable is the result of this effort, and perfectly encapsulates the theme of the 2018 Juneteenth celebrations: reclaim, restore, rebuild. 

      Black Lives Matter Utah 

    Counseling Services

    University Counseling Center

    • Provides developmental, preventive and therapeutic services and programs that promote the intellectual, emotional, cultural, and social development of University of Utah students.
    • 801-581-6826
    • Hours: Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm
    • Website

    University CrisisLine

    • Designed to provide community members with a full range of options to help solve the crisis in the best setting possible.
    • 1-800-273-8255
    • Website:

    University WarmLine

    • This line is for Salt Lake County residents who are not in crisis, but seeking support, engagement, or encouragement.
    • 801-587-1055

    The Huntsman Mental Health Institute:

    • Website:
    • Phone: (801) 583-2500
    • Address: 501 Chipeta Way, Salt Lake City, UT, 84108


    University of Utah COVID-19 Central @TheU

    The university has created a central location to find information, precautions, and guidelines for students, faculty, and staff regarding COVID-19. Specific information regarding travel advisories, research, and the Asia campus can also be found on this page.

    Campus COVID-19 hotline 801-213-2874

    Health Care Covid-19 hotline 801-587-0712

    COVID-19 Resources for Social Workers and Therapists

    Social Work Career has created a resource page to help Social Workers and Therapists work through COVID-19. Here you will find articles, podcasts, and training about practicing in this difficult time and referrals for patients and clients.

    Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies COVID-19 Resources

    Resources and information specific to current and prospective graduate and post doctoral students. Travel, current COVID level regarding research, stipends and tution, deferral of graduation, electronic from submission and support, are among the resources offered here.

    University of Utah COVID-19 Facebook Page

    Follow this Facebook page and find the latest information and resources from the University's Office for Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion. Visitors will find training, health sciences resources, campus commuting, dinining, and housing, and campus buildings and services.

    Dental Services

    The University of Utah Health: Finding Affordable Dental Care 

    • Website

    • Phone (english): (801) 213-9500 

    • Phone (spanish): (801) 646-5914 

    • Address: 530 S Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, UT, 84108 

    Ethnic Groups & Organizations

    Salt Lake County Mayor’s Office of Diversity & Inclusion 

    The Mayor's Office of Diversity & Inclusions offers various group resources and items like safety tips in multiple languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Burmese, Hmong, Khmer, and Lao. 



    Somali Community Services of Utah 

    • Phone: (801) 859-6987 

    • Resource and Training Center for Somali Community in Utah. 

    • Open Monday to Friday, 9a.m.–4p.m. 

    The Ethiopian Community Association of Utah 

    • Contact Person: Michael Mamo 

    • Phone: (801) 313-0095 

    • Facebook

    • Developing programs for youth and adults 

    • Facilitate access to services 

    • Advocacy, education, mentoring, and preserving of cultural heritage 

    Chinese Society of Utah 

    • Phone: (801) 272-6821 or (801) 916-3848 

    • Email

    • Website

    • Nonprofit organization to promote unity and understanding of Taiwanese 

    India Cultural Center of Utah 

    • Address: 1142 West, South Jordan Parkway, South Jordan 

    • Contact Person: Indra Neelameggham 

    • Phone: (801) 254-9177 

    • Email

    • Cultural organization promoting cultural events of India heritage 

    • Website

    Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake 

    • Contact Person: Noor Ul-Hasan 

    • Phone: (801) 943-1935 

    • Email

    • Interfaith events, educational events, and diplomat visits 

    Salt Lake American Muslim 

    • Contact Person: Ghulam H. Hasnain 

    • Phone: (801) 671-6709 

    • Nonprofit cultural, social services, and interfaith outreach organization 

    Taiwanese Association of the Greater Salt Lake 

    • Contact Person: Jack Chen 

    • Phone: (801) 867-2168 

    • To preserve Taiwanese American heritage 

    • Website 

    Utah Japanese American Citizens League 

    • Secure and maintain the civil rights of Japanese Americans and all others who are victimized by injustice and prejudice 

    • Website

    Vietnamese Community of Utah 

    • Contact Person: Susie Ahrens 

    • Phone: (801) 598-7178 

    Vietnamese Volunteer Youth 

    • Contact Person: Cuong Nguyen 

    • Phone: (801) 792-2008 

    • Cultural educational programing 

    Young Asian American Professionals (YAAP) 

    • For college students and recent graduates 

    • Promotes networking and professional development 

    • Organizes activities and service in the community 

    • Website 

    Catholic Community Services 

    • Contact Person: Kathryn Brussard 

    • Phone: (801) 428-1230 

    • Website

    • Serves all in need, regardless of faith, race, disability, or any other factor 

    MOSAIC Inter-Faith Ministries of Utah 

    • Contact Person: Dr. Leslie Whited 

    • Phone: (801) 588-0139 

    • Refugee, first generation, economic immigrant 

    • Website

    Pacific Island Knowledge 2 Action Resources 

    • Contact Person: Susi Fletch-Malohifo’ou 

    • Phone: (801) 793-4639 

    • Website

    • Preserve Pacific Island Cultures, Empowerment Living Services, and domestic violence advocates. 

    Salt Lake Interfaith Roundtable 

    • Contact Person: Rev. Fr. Elias Koucos 

    • Facilitating interfaith respect, understanding, and appreciation 

    • Website

    English Skills Learning Center 

    • Contact Person: Jessica Hercules 

    • Phone: (801) 328-5608 

    • Offers free English and citizenship test preparation classes 

    • Website

    Utah Romanian Association 

    • Contact Person: Fulvia Anca Constantin 

    • Phone: (801) 860-7194 

    • Nonprofit organization whose mission is to preserve the Romanian culture 

    Agrupacion Cultural Vientos del Sur 

    • Contact person: Irma Ramos 

    • Phone: (801) 824-1281 

    • Promote, teach, and strengthen the art, music, dances, and culture of South America 

    American Venezuelan Association of Utah 

    • Contact Person: Carlos Moreno 

    • Phone: (801) 548-6073 

    • Nonprofit organization providing charitable services and resources that support the Venezuelan community 

    Centro Civico Mexicano 

    • Contact Person: Lucy Valerio 

    • Phone: (801) 392-2037 

    • Nonprofit organization that supports diversity, education, and progress in the workplace 

    Fiesta De Pueblo Hispanic Festival, Inc. 

    • Contact Person: Santos Arroyo 

    • Phone: (801) 564-5936 

    • Nonprofit that provides cross-cultural family event 

    Hispanic Community Connection 

    • Contact Person: Pablo A. Quintana 

    • Phone: (801) 364-3070 

    • Education programs for the community 

    La Casa del Pueblo 

    • Contact Person: Gabriela Cetrola, LCSW 

    • Phone: (801) 573-5006 

    • Nonprofit for Latinos and by Latinos 

    • Provides parenting groups, advocacy, crime prevention, and other social services 

    • Mental health therapy in Spanish and English 

    Una Mano Amiga 

    • Contact Person: Rocio Mejia 

    • Phone: (801) 450-0849 

    Immigrant Legal Services 

    • Contact Person: Kate Barber 

    • Phone: (801) 888-9186 

    • Immigrant legal services with low bono and pro bono legal services to immigrants throughout Utah’s communities 

    • Website 

    Utah Minority Bar Association 

    • Contact Person: J. Simon Cantarero 

    • Phone: (801) 799-5800 

    • Promote diversity and inclusiveness in the legal community 

    Cheer Salt Lake 

    • Contact Person: Valina Eckley 

    • Adult, all-volunteer Pride Cheerleading team 

    • Raises money for local non-profits through cheerleading 

    • Website

    Indian Training Education Center 

    • Contact Person: MarJean Elder 

    • Phone: (801) 973-6484 

    • Program providing financial assistance to Native American/Alaska Native/Hawaiian Natives living in Utah attending school 

    • Website

    Indian Walk-In Center 

    • Contact Person: Ella Dayzie 

    • Phone: (801) 486-4877 

    • Provide wellness and social life-way services 

    • American Indians and Alaska Natives 

    Rising American Indian Nations (RAIN) 

    • Contact Person: Shauna Engen 

    • Phone: (801) 651-0539 

    • Empowering American Indians to become leader and contribute to humanity 

    • Website

    Urban Indian Center of Salt Lake 

    • Contact Person: Shawn Jimerson 

    • Phone: (801) 486-4877 

    • Medical, mental, spiritual and cultural home for American Indians and Alaska Natives 

    • Website 

    Kīpuka Hawaiian Cultural Center 

    • Contact Person: Kathleen Madsen 

    • Phone: (801) 562-5642 

    • Resource center for Hawaiian cultural arts, crafts, music and dance 

    Hui Hawaii O Utah Hawaiian Civic Club 

    • Contact Person: Tina Cabiles-Carden 

    • Phone: (801) 913-8980 

    • Dedicated to the empowerment of Native Hawaiians 

    National Tongan American Society 

    • Contact Person: Fahina Tavake-Pasi 

    • Phone: (801) 467-8712 

    • Advocate & Empower all Tongan Americans and other Pacific Islanders through programs and referrals that promote health, youth development, education, and cultural preservation 

    Samoan Cultural Celebration of Utah 

    • Contact Person: Tapusoa Dorothy Fiso-Faasou 

    • Phone: (801) 949-0760 

    • Various Samoan Community based organizations to address the education, economical, and social needs on every level of state/federal entities 

    International Rescue Committee in Salt Lake City 

    • Phone: (801) 328-1091 

    • Helps refugees uprooted by crisis survive and rebuild their lives in Salt Lake City 

    • Website

    Liberian United in Utah 

    • Contact Person: Johnny Wulah 

    • Phone: (801) 637-0743 

    • Working with the refugee communities 

    Somali Bantu Community and Interpretation Services of Utah 

    • Contact Person: Ali Mohamed 

    • Phone: (801) 688-6207 

    • Dedicated to helping Somali Bantus and providing services that help the less fortunate Somali Bantu Community 

    Somali Bantu Community of Utah 

    • Contact Person: Omar Abdi 

    • Phone: (801) 466-1376 

    United Congolese Community in Utah 

    • Contact Person: Jupuy Kukembila 

    • Phone: (801) 970-0869 

    • Provides orientation to the Congolese community every two months 

    Armenian Hyrenik Youth Organization 

    • Contact Person: Zaven Sargsian 

    • Phone: (801) 755-9043 

    • Promote awareness and appreciation for the Republic of Armenia and Armenian cultural, historical, and contemporary issues 

    Inclusive Community Programs

    Inclusion Center for Community and Justice 

    As a human relations organization dedicated to overcoming hatred, bias and exclusionary practices, we build inclusive communities through experiential learning, intentional dialogue, fostering relationships, and the cultivation of tomorrow's leaders.  We strive to support our community through engagement, respect, concern, empathy and understanding. 

    • Phone: (801) 587-0823 

    • Email: 

    • Address: 14 Heritage Center, Salt Lake City 

    • Physical Location: Inside the Equity Office, ground floor of building 820, Benchmark Plaza, University of Utah 

    Services & Programs: 

    • Retreats and workshops for both adults and youth 

    • Community and interfaith gatherings 

    International Markets

      El Mate 

    • Address: 1095 N Main St #2, Layton 

    • Phone: (801) 444-3316 

    • Hours: Monday–Saturday, 9a.m.–7p.m. 

      La Pequenita International Market 

      La Pequenita International Market 

    • Address: 2740 State St, Salt Lake City 

    • Phone: (801) 484-2980 

    • Hours: Monday–Saturday, 9a.m.–8:30p.m., Sunday 9a.m.–3p.m. 

      Georges International Grocery 

    • Address: S 2715 State St, South Salt Lake 

    • Phone: (801) 486-8706 

    • Hours: Monday–Saturday 10a.m.–7p.m., Sunday 10a.m.–3p.m. 

      Global Supermarket 

    • Address: 1160 S Main St, Salt Lake City 

    • Phone: (801) 359-0990 

    • Hours: Monday–Saturday 11a.m.–7p.m. 

      Lily International Market 

    • Address: 648 E State St Suite C, American Fork 

    • Phone: (801) 642-2108 

    • Hours: Monday–Saturday, 9a.m.–7p.m. 

      Black Cherry Mediterranean Market 

      Chinatown Supermarket 

      Asian Market Orem 

      Specialty Market (Middle Eastern Groceries) 

      El Potrero Market 

    • Address: 5405 W 4700th S., Kearns 

    • Phone: (801) 568-6926 

    • Hours: Daily, 8a.m.–10p.m. 

    •   Monie African/ Caribbean Food Market 

    • Address: 269 E. 3300 S., Salt Lake City 

    • Phone: (801) 467-8154 

    • Hours: Monday–Saturday, 9a.m.–9p.m., Sunday 12p.m.–6p.m. 

      African Discount Market 

    • Address: 3232 S. 400 E., Salt Lake City 

    • Phone: (801) 467-3100 

      Pacific Food 

    • Address: 3550 S. 4800 W., West Valley City 

    • Phone: (801) 987-8523 

    • Hours: Monday–Saturday, 10a.m.–8p.m. 

      Bengal Food Market 

    • Address: 2615 Bengal Blvd., Salt Lake City 

    • Phone: (801) 942-1215 

    • Hours: Daily, 6a.m.–11p.m. 

      Seoul Market 

    • Address: 153 E. 4370th S Ste 10, Salt Lake City 

    • Hours: Monday–Saturday, 9a.m.–7p.m. 

      Halal Meat Market 

    • Address: 2407 S. Redwood Rd., Salt Lake City 

      The Hawaiian Hut 

    • Address: 1810 W. 3500 S., #A, West Valley City 

      Arbat (Store/Market) 

    • Address: 3232 S 400 E Ste 200, Salt Lake City 

    • Phone: (801) 467-5511 

      Little Polynesia Market and Food 

    • Address: 5419 W 3500th S, West Valley City 

    • Hours: Monday & Tuesday 10a.m.–6p.m., Wednesday–Saturday 9a.m.–7:30p.m. 

      Kim Heang Market 

    • Address: 1820 W. 3600th S., West Valley City 

    • Phone: (801) 973-6320 

    • Hours: Daily, 8:30a.m.–8:30p.m. 

      Shaku Maku Market 

    • Address: 153 E. 4370 S., Murray 

    • Phone: (801) 638-3916 

      Japan Sage Market 

      Rancho Markets 

    • Address: 140 900 W., Salt Lake City 

    • Phone: (801) 355-2100 

    • Hours: Daily, 7a.m.–9p.m. 

    • Address: 2470 S. Redwood Rd., West Valley City 

    • Phone: (801) 972-8800 

    • Hours: Daily, 7a.m.–9p.m. 

    • Address: 898 E 3300 S., Salt Lake City 

    • Phone: (801) 990-8400 

    • Hours: Daily, 7a.m.–9p.m. 

      Tay-Do Supermarket 

    • Address: 3825 S. Redwood Rd., West Valley City 

    • Phone: (801) 972-4700 

    • Hours: 9a.m.–7p.m. 

      Luybochka (Russian Store) 

    • Address: 959 3300 S A., Salt Lake City 

    • Phone: (801) 485-8727 


    University of Utah Student Clubs & Organizations

    The University of Utah Health interpreter services 

    • Phone number: (801) 585-0657 

    • Website

    The University of Utah English Language Institute 

    English as a Second Language Center 

    • Website

    • Email: 

    • Phone: 1-801-328-5608 

    • Address: 650 East 4500 South, Suite 220, Salt Lake City, UT 84107 

    Legal Services

    BYU Community Legal Clinic

    • The Community Legal Clinic provides free legal services to those in need. Second and third year law students under the direction of Professor Carl Hernandez represent clients in matters including immigration, contracts, housing, and other matters. Citizenship and other community classes are also taught at the clinic.  

    • Phone: (801) 297-7049 

    • Email: 

    • Address: Desert Industries, 2nd Floor, 1415 N. State St., Provo, UT 84604 

    • Hours of Operation: Thursdays from 5p.m.–7p.m. (closed holidays)

    Timpanogos Legal Center 

    • Free legal center 

    • On the first Tuesday of each month 

    • Email: 

    • Website: 

    • Hours of Operation: Tuesdays from 5p.m.–8p.m. 

    • Address: Health & Justice Building, 1st Floor, 151 S. University Ave., Provo, UT 84601 

      LGBT & Allied Lawyers of Utah 

    LGBTQI+ Resources

    Resources for faculty, staff, and students on Healthcare for LGBTQI+ individuals. There is a presentation that covers LGBTQI+ health for medical providers with an emphasis on transgender, non-gender binary, and intersexed patients.

    Transgender Health Presentation:

    In September 2020 the University's Transgender Health program presented to the College of Health. Some of the topics include:

    • terminology and what terms to use
    • talking to patients about sex and gender identity
    • inclusivity of all, but focused on individuals that are transgender or gender-nonbinary
    • addressing general health as well as health issues particular to the transgender community

    Utah PRIDE Center 

    • Utah Pride unites, empowers and celebrates Utah’s diverse LGBTQ+ community by providing a safe and welcoming space for education, partnership, service, and events which advance our collective health, wellness and success 

    • Youth & Family Programs 

    • Suicide Prevention 

    LGBT & Allied Lawyers of Utah 

    LGBTQ Salt Lake 

    • Address: 331 South 600 East, Salt Lake City 

    • Email: 

    LGBTQ-Affirmative Therapist Guild of Utah 

    Professional & Academic

    Career & Professional Development Center (CPDC)

    The CPDC offers career coaching for university students and Alumni. Whether you're trying to explore a career, find a new job, or need help with professional documents like a resume and cover letter the CPDC is here to help. Hours are M - F, 8am to 5pm.

    Schedule a video or phone appointment

    Get personalized feedback by emailing your resume to

    Log-on to Handshake to find jobs and internships


    Inclusive Teaching & Learning in the Classroom involves intentionally creating an equitable classroom environment that actively engages all students in meaningful and relevant learning, values the contributions of students’ diverse backgrounds, and acknowledges systemic and institutional challenges.

    Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion offers A Call to Action and provides training, ways to engage, and their Get Involved page has educational resources.

    Writing Center

    The Writing Center is a free resource to help all university students beceome more confident writers by providing individual consultations with peer tutors. The Writing Center is closed in between semesters and during university holidays, Fall Break, and Spring Break, students can still get free writing support via eTutoring.

    If you have any trouble logging in, or if you have questions about eTutoring, contact Anne McMurtrey at

    Refugee and Immigration

    Refugee and Immigration Center: Asian Association of Utah 

    • The mission of the Refugee & Immigration center is to improve the quality of life for refugees and immigrants in Utah 
    • Main Phone: (801) 467-6060 

    • Email: 

    • Address: 155 South 300 West, Suite 101, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101 

    • Business Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30a.m.–5:30p.m. 

    • Website

    • Services & Programs: 
    • Community Wellness 

    • Director of Community Wellness: Andy Tran 

    • Phone: (801) 990-9485 

    • Email: 

    The Community Wellness program offers outpatient mental health, substance use, and domestic violence services such as 

    • qualified clinical support using evidence-based methods, 

      • language interpreting services, 

      • individual and group psychotherapy, 

      • individualized case management, and 

      • medication management. 

      • ESL & Life Skills 

      • ESL Program Coordinator: Sheri Bodily 

      • Phone: (801) 990-9428 

      • Email: 

    The ESL & Life Skills classes are of free or low cost, consist of small class sizes, and offer open enrollment. Three levels of courses are offered, ranging from preliterate to high intermediate, and other life-skills instruction, such as civics and financial literacy, are integrated into class material. 

    • Interpreting and Translation 

    • Interpreting & Translation Program Coordinator: Tung Tran 

    • Phone: (801) 990-9498 

    • Email: 

    • The Interpreting and Translation services consist of 
    • in-person or over the phone service and 

    • interpreting available in Spanish, Arabic, Somali, Swahili, Nepali, and dozens of other languages. 

    • Social Services 

    • Director of Youth and Family Services: Peter Frost 

    • Phone (801) 412-0578 

    • Email: 

    Social Services consist of  

    • Case Management 

      • Eight case managers who speak fourteen languages/dialects and have refugee backgrounds. 

      • Linguistically and culturally appropriate services. 

      • Empowering and teaching clients to access resources and navigate systems by themselves. 

    • Community Collaboration 

      • Connect clients with RIC-AAU services. 

      • Connect clients to community resources. 

      • Build cross-collaborative partnerships with other refugee service agencies. 

    • Walk-In Services 

      • Provide crisis and immediate case-management and assistance. 

      • Provide one-time in-kind donation support. 

    • Housing 

      • Rapid re-housing rental assistance. 

      • Home assessment and training program. 

      • Refugee supportive housing liason. 

    • Health 

      • On-site Affordable Care Act navigator 

      • BYU and Westminster Nursing internship program 

      • Refugee health needs coordinator 

    Sexual Health

    The University of Utah Center for Student Wellness HIV/STI Testing 

    • Website

    • Phone: (801) 581-7776 

    • Address: 201 S 1460 E, Salt Lake City, UT, 84112 

    The University of Utah Student Health Center: Reproductive Health, Family Planning and Sexual Functioning 

    • Website

    • Phone: (801) 581-6431 

    • Address: 555 Foothill Dr., Level 1, Salt Lake City, UT, 84112 

    Teaching and Learning

    The Patient Voice series promotes individuals from various communities sharing their patient stories and suggestions on how to improve health care access and quality.

    Inclusive Teaching & Learning in the Classroom involves intentionally creating an equitable classroom environment that actively engages all students in meaningful and relevant learning, values the contributions of students’ diverse backgrounds, and acknowledges systemic and institutional challenges.

    Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion offers A Call to Action and provides training, ways to engage, and their Get Involved page has educational resources.

    Resources for faculty, staff, and students on Healthcare for transgender individuals. Topics will cover LGBT+ health for medical providers with an emphasis on transgender, non-gender binary, and intersexed patients.

    University of Utah Student Clubs & Organizations

    Asian American Student Association 

     Association of Latino Professionals for America 

    Bangladeshi Student Association 

    • Address: 200 S. Central Campus Dr., Salt Lake City 

    • Email

    • Phone: (334) 524-8697 

    Black Graduate Student Association @ U of Utah 

    Black Student Union 

    Brazilian Club at the University of Utah 

    • Address: 629 S 700 E, Apt 728, Salt Lake City 

    • Email

    • Phone: (801) 867-2925 

    Catholic Newman Society at the University of Utah 

    • Address: 170 University St E., Salt Lake City 

    Hadi Islamic Society 

     Hillel for Utah 

    • Address: 2 N Medical Dr., Salt Lake City 

    • Email

    • Phone: (801) 581-0098 x 106 

    Indian Students Association 

    • Address: 144 S 900 E, Apt 5., Salt Lake City 

    • Email

    • Phone: (385) 216-2585 

    International Health Scholars 

    International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation 

    • Address: 30 2000 E., Salt Lake City 

    • Email

    International Student Council 

    Japanese Culture Association 

    Latino Medical Student Association

    Multiracial Student Organization 

     National Society of Black Engineers 

    Nepalese Students Association

    Pacific Islander Student Association

    SACNAS Student Chapter at the UofU 

    • Address: 26 S 2000 E, Rm., 3430, Salt Lake City 

    • Email

    Saudi Students Club at U of U 

    Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers 

      Special Olympics Utah at the U of U 

    • Address: 201 S Central Campus Dr., Union RM 101, Salt Lake City 

    • Email

    • Phone: (801) 581-4811 

     Thai Student Association 

     The African Student Association 

    • Address: 200 S. Central Campus Dr., Salt Lake City 

    • Email

    • Phone: (801) 702-0901 

     Vietnamese American Student Association (VASA)