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Vision of Excellence

Vision of Excellence

To elevate our students, staff, and faculty, the College of Health (COH) has set goals in developing our academic programs; increasing the impact of how we educate; creating new knowledge; working across schools and colleges as part of the University of Utah’s One U initiative; increasing equity, diversity, and inclusion; and increasing excellence in teaching and learning.

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Goal Areas

  • Academic Program Development
  • High Impact Educational Practices
  • Creation of New Knowledge
  • One U
  • Diversity and Inclusive Excellence
  • Teaching and Learning Excellence

Academic Program Development

Consideration of New Programs

  • Sports Analytics

  • Computing Analytics

  • Technology and Behavior Change 

  • Coaching Science

  • Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Certification Program


Transition to Direct Admit

  • Pilot via College Scholars or Health Scholars with funding for underrepresented students 

  • Engage Block U as avenue for direct admit 

  • Maximize residence halls for promoting direct admit and majors 

  • Develop CoH year-long core curriculum before selecting major


High Impact Educational Practices

Develop a model undergraduate research experience 

  • CoH specific database of research projects and labs 

  • CoH undergraduate/graduate symposium (similar to HKR masters presentations) 


Internationalize the curriculum with enhanced opportunities for student and faculty international exchanges

  • Rotating class with CoH faculty and students engaging internationally


Engage students in community-based research and service (building on community engaged learning activities)


Continue to support current student participation within U’s Honors College and Learning Communities

  • Find “right size” of CoH offerings of honors courses

  • Incentivize completion of honors degrees


Enhance inter-professional approaches to teaching, research, and clinical education 

  • CoH undergraduate/graduate symposium (similar to HKR masters presentations)

Creation of New Knowledge

  • Maintain current funding base (20% increase may be feasible although resources are limited) 
  • Increase the number of multi-PI or PPG grants 
  • Capture CoH strengths in research collaborations
  • Create research symposia or get-togethers
  • Provide more mentoring for grant submission
  • Develop shared research infrastructure (e.g. RAs)
  • Develop strategies to recognize all forms scholarship 

One U

Lead the development of cross-campus initiatives aimed at improved health of Utah’s communities and the region

Healthy Parks, Healthy People
Culinary Food Lab / Programs

Partner with campus entities to create a Center for Patient Health Advocacy

Participate in the continued development of team-based, interprofessional care that improves patient access to preventive screenings, education and care – both locally and through remote initiatives (telehealth, mobile clinics, digital health).

Lead the development of a One U Symposium of College of Health projects that go beyond the recent round of U funding.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

  • Champion teaching, research, and community engagement initiatives that embrace and value a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion within the College of Health, across campus, and in the community.
  • Develop and implement mechanisms to support and track department recruitment, retention, and promotion of faculty, staff, and students from historically underrepresented backgrounds.
  • Ensure that our graduates reflect the diversity of our communities by supporting the College of Health department programs in implementing transparent holistic admissions processes.
  • Support diversity initiatives beyond the accreditation standards of each profession, and identify ways departments can contribute to the overall diversity plan of University of Utah Health.

Teaching and Learning Excellence

  • Explore career-line faculty sabbatical
  • Create mechanisms to support course development
  • Increase access to, and knowledge of, best practices for teaching in higher education
  • Support faculty engagement in educational scholarship
  • Adopt a consistent CoH-level Canvas platform across Departments
  • Transition the Teaching and Learning Excellence task force to a College of Health standing committee  

See Our Previous Goals

Strategic Plan 2015-2019

Creation of New Knowledge

Academic Program Development

High Impact Educational Practices

Organizational Structure, Infrastructure, and Space

Diversity and Inclusive Excellence

University of Utah Health Collaboration

Creation of New Knowledge

  • Raise the level of prominence of the CoH research program through development and implementation of a research strategic plan
  • Focus on interdisciplinary programs that might leverage other University of Utah Health and University initiatives, e.g.,
    • Diabetes/metabolism/obesity
    • Cancer and physical activity
    • Neurosciences including traumatic brain and spinal cord injury
    • Overall management of persons with chronic diseases
  • Explore potential of shared and cluster hires with CoH, School of Medicine, and Colleges of Pharmacy, Nursing, Engineering, Education, and Social Work

Academic Program Development

  • Timely establishment of new programs to address changing landscape of health care
  • Explore potential of several new programs, e.g.,
    • BS and MS degrees in Interdisciplinary Health and Health Technology
    • MS degrees in Integrative Health, Clinical Health, Health Technology, and Disability Studies
    • MS degrees in Prosthetics/Orthotics
    • PhD in Nutrition
  • Consider creation of an online pre-health professions degree (marketed especially to underserved and non-traditional students)

High Impact Educational Practices

  • Development of a model undergraduate research program, building on Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
  • Internationalization of the curriculum with enhanced opportunities for student and faculty international exchanges
  • Engagement of students in community-based research and service, building on Community Engaged Learning activities
  • Expand current student participation within U’s Honors College and Learning Communities
  • Enhance inter-professional approaches to teaching, research, and clinical education

Organizational Structure, Infrastructure, and Space

  • Review organizational structure of departments/divisions/programs to optimally position CoH
  • Relocate administrative operations of CoH to Utah Health campus
  • Create a CoH Office of Research
  • Participate in the campus master planning process for University of Utah Health
  • Explore co-location of more departments/divisions/programs of the CoH

Diversity and Inclusive Excellence

  • Champion initiatives around diversity, multicultural awareness, and inclusive excellence with CoH and across the U
  • Increase the diversity of the faculty, staff, and student populations
  • Contribute to diversifying the health professions workforce through recruitment and support of diverse students
  • Central role to be played by CoH Diversity and Inclusion Committee

University of Utah Health Collaboration

  • Collaborate with health care leaders to support quality, patient safety, and cost-reduction initiatives
  • Leverage CoH’s strengths in wellness and across the continuum of care to support University of Utah Health's transformation initiatives
  • Cultivate community leaders and potential philanthropic partners to help develop a world class College of Health

Ways to Give

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