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What Students Are Saying

See what students are saying about their advisors. 


Jacklyn Chiu:

👍“Very helpful! I was feeling unsure about my major selection but by the end of the meeting I was well informed and excited to get started.”

😄“Very helpful. Very friendly. Very knowledgeable. Great advisor. 10/10 would recommend.”

🔥“Jacklyn was very nice and very helpful!”

🏅“Very helpful! Definitely meeting with her next time I schedule an appointment :)”

Jojo Beyene

😎“Jojo is AMAZING,!!! I usually feel so undervalued in advising appointments, but she empowered me to feel confident in my education and future degree. This appointment was so helpful! Thank you!”

👍"I was provided many additional options I had not thought about in my academic pursuits.Jojo is wonderful, she exceeded my advising expectations in so many ways! 
Thank you, Jojo."

😄"She was AMAZING!  Jojo took her time and explained everything in detail, thanx!"


🎉"I was extremely satisfied with my advising appointment.  Jojo provided very helpful direction and advice."

Eric Gardner:   

💯“Provided extra info to help me make some crucial decisions”.

💡"I always leave Eric's office feeling confident and happy, he personalizes each and every appointment I have with him.  He truly cares.
Eric ROCKS!"

🎯 "I could tell right away that Eric really wanted to help me.  He provided great resources and spent ample time with me.  I did not feel rushed in any way.
"[He] helped plan out my semester.  I wasn't rushed, all my questions were patiently answered."

Kelly Brown:

🥇"Kelly is cheerful and so excited when we meet, she makes me feel excited about what I want and need to accomplish.
"She is always great and very helpful... gave me lots of resources when I needed them."

🌟"Kelly was very helpful and generous with her time.  Thank you!"

👍"She exceeded my expectations and went out of her way to encourage me to reach higher."

Maddie Miller:

🎯“Maddie was awesome, she was very helpful and gave me plenty of resources to help me on my path to grad school.”

😁"All my questions were answered, I received five star treatment.  I was given helpful resources and knowledge of how to graduate."

💫"Maddie really cares about my success like no advisor in the past, has.  Thank you, Maddie!  You ROCK."

👍"I know exactly what I need to do to meet requirements.  I have a specific plan to follow.  I feel comfortable about contacting my advisor with other future questions I may have.  I was very satisfied with this appointment.
"Maddie provided additional options I had not thought about."

Dave Belt:

🏆“"Dave is always very professional and effectively gives me all of the information I need to make sure my academics are on track. Meetings with him are easily accessible which make scheduling advising appointments hassle free”.

😃"Dave went above and beyond to give me helpful info.
"He is always very helpful and great at balancing working with my preferences while suggesting alternatives that would be beneficial.
"I always leave feeling inspired."

☀️"Dave was amazing.  He truly made me feel, my questions and concerns were important and that I was valued. 
"Thank you."

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