Richard K. and Maria A. Obyn Memorial Scholarship



  • Two scholarships will be awarded to outstanding undergraduate students declared in the College of Health. Recipients of these scholarships will be known as Richard K. and Maria A. Obyn Memorial Scholars.
  • Scholarship recipients will be selected by the Dean of the College of Health and a Faculty Scholarship Awards Committee.
  • The scholarship award will be paid in two equal payments per semester over the course of the academic year.

Scholarship Selection Criteria:

  1. The scholarship recipients must be Undergraduate students, attending full time: 12 credits.
  2. Applicants must have a 2.0 GPA at the time of application and award.
  3. At the request of the donors, preference shall be given to recipients from rural areas who have performed service for or who show an interest in helping people with disabilities and who meet the basic criteria.
  4. Applicants must be a declared major within the College of Health (pre-major does not qualify) or be enrolled in a College of Health graduate program.
  5. If the scholarship recipient changes majors within the College of Health, the scholarship will not be affected. If the scholarship recipient changes majors to a discipline outside the College of Health, he/she forfeits the remainder of the scholarship.
  6. The scholarship recipient is expected to attend University of Utah Health's Scholarship luncheon in October.
  7. Application will be disqualified if not submitted correctly, completely, and timely.

Scholarship Selection Criteria

  1. At the request of the donors, preference will be given to recipients who are African-American or Native American or of other traditionally under-represented groups pursuant to applicable federal and state laws and who meet the basic criteria.
  2. A well-written and compelling personal statement, no longer than two pages that includes a brief history of yourself, your academic and professional goals, reasons why you feel you are a strong candidate for this scholarship.
  3. A list of all scholarships and financial aid that you have received while attending the University of Utah.
  4. A list of any pertinent accomplishments, honors, or special awards of recognition you have received.
  5. A description of your community involvement and/or university activities.
  6. A current (fall semester) My Degree Dashboard (Formerly DARS) or transcript with grades.  If you have been at the University of Utah for less than two semesters, please submit a transcript from other schools attended.
  7. Letters of recommendation. 
  8. Involvement in activities that advance the mission and goals of the College of Health.
  9. Distinctive strengths (community service, leadership skills, etc.)


For scholarship questions please contact: Shari Lindsey or Lorraine Brown

Shari Lindsey

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Phone: 801-585-5764


Lorraine Brown

Administrative Officer

Phone: 801-581-8379


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