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Specialty Practice Experiences

Residents spend 140+ hours (average 3 hours/week) consulting with and observing experts in various specialized areas of orthopaedic rehabilitation, exposing them to the breadth of (and resources for) musculoskeletal patient management and facilitating professional networking.

Mandatory clinical experiences:

DDS/TMJ expert

U of U Health Pain Management Clinic

Interprofessional resident musculoskeletal clinic

Aquatic therapy

Inpatient orthopedics/Joint camp

Vestibular and balance clinic


Exercise physiology, testing, performance

Hand therapy

Orthopedic surgery clinic

Sports Medicine MD


Electrodiagnostic testing

Cardiopulmonary rehab, EKG, labs

Video/3D instrumented gait analysis


Attending PT experience at student-run pro bono clinic

Optional clinical experiences

Wellness/Prevention Additional Video / Instrumental Gait Analysis Other
UOC Sports Metrics UOC Running Clinic UU Pediatric Orthopedics
UOC "Build a Bone" U of U Health Motion Capture Lab VAMC Amputee Clinic
U of U Health Balance and Wellness Clinic Shriner's Hospital Instrumental Gait Lab VAMC Wheelchair Clinic
VAMC "MOVE"   VAMC Primary Care Clinic
UOC Arthritis Foundation Pool Program   VAMC Polytrauma Clinic
    U of U Athletic Training/On-field PT Care
    U of U Health Concussion "IMPACT" Clinic
    UOC Women's Health
    U of U Community reintegration services (CRS), Ergonomics
    UOC Injury walk-in clinic


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