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Patient care

  • Residents complete 1500+ hours patient care (paid with benefits, 30 hours/week) within the University Healthcare system. Residents spend 8-12 weeks in each of the following settings: a) neurologic acute and intensive care, b) inpatient rehabilitation Spinal Cord Injury team, c) inpatient rehabilitation Stroke team, d) inpatient rehabilitation Brain Injury team, e) neurologic outpatient setting.
  • Residents receive 150+ hours of one-on-one mentor time. Mentoring schedules vary by rotation.


  • Residents are required to register for the Neurologic Physical Therapy Professional Education Consortium. Residents participate in 26 webinars, journal club, and attend two on-site sessions in California.
  • Residents complete the APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program - Level 1 course.


  • Residents assist in two entry-level DPT courses at the University of Utah: Neuromuscular Management (Fall semester, 3rd year DPT students) and Neuroanatomy (Spring semester, 2nd year DPT students). 

Professional Development

  • Residents complete 60 professional development hours, which includes exposure to the following areas of specialty practice:


Deep brain stimulation


Seating and positioning

Community service

Miscellaneous clinical observations, e.g. respiratory therapy (ventilation management), speech language pathology (swallow evaluation), occupational therapy (home evaluation), vocational rehab, wellness opportunities, Huntington’s and ALS multidisciplinary clinics, spasticity casting, and more.

Resident Assessment

  • Formal resident assessment includes 3 "live patient exams" and two written exams (administered by the Neuro Consortium).
  • Other informal assessments occur throughout the year to assure the resident is progressing in clinical skill development.


  • Residents earn a standard PT salary for the 30 hours/week patient care time (0.75 FTE) with benefits. Estimated salary is ~$48K, dependent on prior experience.
  • The residency fee is $4800 (which includes a $200 non-refundable deposit upon acceptance of a resident position). A payment plan is available. Fees are subject to change annually.
  • Additional fees are required for the didactic portion of the residency and are paid directly to the Neurologic Physical Therapy Professional Education Consortium. Fees are subject to change ($2730 for 2020-21). The fees for this didactic portion are due prior to the start of the residency program. Residents are responsible for registering and paying according to the consortium deadlines.

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