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MS Rehabilitation & Wellness Program

The program was established by Dr. Eduard Gappmaier, a renowned faculty at the University of Utah. Although he still heads the program, Judith Bishop is the current Program co-ordinator. See Contacts.


To provide a comprehensive specialized care highly individualistic to the needs of people affected with MS. The procedure includes a thorough testing process followed by an enrollment into a comprehensive exercise program devised by the testing experts.


  • Physical Therapy Evaluation
  • Graded Exercise testing
  • Pulmonary testing
  • Functional (Mobility and Balance) testing
  • Cognitive testing
  • MS Exercise Group (MSEG)


MS Triathlon

Wishful participation of the MSEP participants leads to a successful completion of the triathlon! All exercisers set their individual activity and fundraising goals and worked extensively towards attaining it.

Some comments from our fellows:

"My MS has improved more with this exercise program than any medication I've taken": Dorothy Oaks (MS since...)
"Keeps my stamina up..Can tell the difference when I don't come!": Odetta Wilcox (MS since...)
"I need the specialized therapy only this program can provide": Woody Dixon (MS since...)

Call for Volunteers

MS affects more than 2.1 million individuals throughout the world (?). Since, the presentation of MS highly varies, rehabilitation forms a major aspect of their well-being. Every effort to help these individuals counts! If you wish to volunteer for the program and contribute in making a difference, contact:

Dr. Ed Gappmaier or Judy
Phone: 801-581-8756.

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