Graduate Studies in Sports Medicine

Thesis Requirements


First Year:


  • Introduction to Research Methods 3 hours
  • Data Acquisition in Sports Medicine 3 hours
  • Pathology and Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries 3 hours
  • Educating & Investigating Therapeutic Modalities in Sports Medicine 3 hours


  • Advanced Human Anatomy (Cadaver lab included) 5 hours
  • - Students will take course in the Summer between year 1 & 2.
  • Current Trends in Sports Medicine 3 hours
  • Sports Medicine Symposium 1 hours
  • Design and Analysis 3 hours

Second Year:


  • Organization and Administration in Sports Medicine 3 hours
  • Clinical Seminar in Sports Medicine I 3 hours
  • Thesis Hours 3 hours
  • Elective or Independent Study 3 hours


  • Sports Medicine Graduate Seminar 3 hours
  • Clinical Seminar in Sports Medicine II 1 hour
  • Journal Club 2 hours
  • Thesis Hours 3 hours

Some Elective Options:


  • Resistance Training
  • Muscle Physiology
  • Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • Exercise and Disease
  • Exercise and Weight Management
  • Psychology of Sport Injury
  • Exercise EKG and Stress Testing
  • Applied Sport Science
  • Applied Motor Learning
  • Sociology of Sport


To provide the advancement of evidence based knowledge through education, research and clinical experiences with the objective to develop well rounded professionals who can contribute to the field through the understanding of current literature, trends, equipment, and practices within sports medicine prevention and rehabilitation.

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