College of Health

PTAT Doctor of Physical Therapy

Class of 2018

  • Ashley Aardsma
    Ashley Aardsma
  • Jaxon Arave
    Jaxon Arave
  • Austin Archibald
    Austin Archibald
  • Amy Ballard
    Amy Ballard
  • Matthew Berke
    Matthew Berke
  • Zach Blesinger
    Zach Blesinger
  • Shoshi Bromley-Dulfano
    Shoshi Bromley-Dulfano
  • Niel Burnett
    Niel Burnett
  • Leslie Cagle
    Leslie Cagle
  • Jane Campbell
    Jane Campbell
  • Wendy Carbone
    Wendy Carbone
  • Taylor Colvin
    Taylor Colvin
  • Andrea Corwin
    Andrea Corwin
  • Emma Crossett
    Emma Crossett
  • Stash Dabrowski
    Stash Dabrowski
  • Kenzie Dairymple
    Kenzie Dairymple
  • Laila Gerace
    Laila Gerace
  • Mitch Gibson
    Mitch Gibson
  • Becca Gunderson
    Becca Gunderson
  • Britten Hanson
    Britten Hanson
  • Olivia Harris
    Olivia Harris
  • Shelby Lee Harris
    Shelby Lee Harris
  • Audrey Mallon
    Audrey Mallon
  • Zach Marion
    Zach Marion
  • Krace Maw
    Krace Maw
  • Byron Miller
    Byron Miller
  • Janessa Milne
    Janessa Milne
  • Jessica Montgomery
    Jessica Montgomery
  • Bryce Mortensen
    Bryce Mortensen
  • Ryan Perry
    Ryan Perry
  • Silas Pimental
    Silas Pimental
  • Mia Ravneng
    Mia Ravneng
  • Rachel Ritter
    Rachel Ritter
  • Anne Robinson
    Anne Robinson
  • Orin Ryan
    Orin Ryan
  • Kalena Sheridan
    Kalena Sheridan
  • Casey Smith
    Casey Smith
  • Scott Storrs
    Scott Storrs
  • Lennie Swenson
    Lennie Swenson
  • Davis Timpson
    Davis Timpson
  • Sarah Ward
    Sarah Ward
  • James Wilks
    James Wilks
  • Jasmine Williams
    Jasmine Williams