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Application Requirements

  • Complete ATP application to HPR E, 208 by 4:30 on October 31st
  • Two letter of recommendation forms (accompanying letters will be reviewed)
  • Documentation of at least 20 hours of observation signed by an ATC
  • Personal Interest Statement (500 words or less)
  • You must have completed (or be in the process of completing) ATSM 3300 and 3310, H EDU 2720 (or equivalent), and BIOL 2325
  • If your prerequisite course work is from another institution, you are required to submit an official transcript from that institution
  • Submit a signed copy of the technical standards
  • A copy of current EMR certification or higher or all of the following 4 certifications:
    1. current Basic Life Support (BLS) or Health Care Provider (CPR/AED),
    2. previous certification in First Aid,
    3. previous Blood Borne Pathogen, and
    4. previous Administering Emergency Oxygen Administration.
      • This must be submitted by January 3rd. EMT Basic or Ski Patrol Certifications will be accepted in place of the above certifications.
  • Vaccination test records for the Hepatitis B, TB test (3rd shot), MMR, and TDAP. Students will also be required to complete a background and drug check after entering the program.
  • Submit a non-refundable $50 application fee payable to University of Utah.

*There is a $1000 per semester program fee attached to each clinical course. This fee is added to your tuition bill through Income Accounting & Student Loan Services.

How to Submit Your Application

To mail an application or for more information on Athletic Training, the ATP, or this brochure, please contact the Program manager by email at or use the following address:

Athletic Training, Student Application Committee
c/o Josh Larson, Program Manager
1850 E. 260 S., HPER N, Rm 208
Department of Exercise and Sport Science
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0920

ATP Facts

  • The ATP accepts up to 23 students per year.
  • Acceptance into the program will include evaluation of the following areas: prerequisite grades, observation hours, personal interest statement, letters of recommendation, and an interview.
  • The University of Utah ATP 2017 first-time pass rate for the National Athletic Trainers' Association Board of Certification Exam is 94%.

Procedures for Selection

  • Candidates are evaluated in numerous areas including an interview, grades, and letters of recommendation.
  • You will be notified about interviews once all applications have been reviewed.
  • Students accepted into the Athletic Training Program must be able to start the program on the University of Utah Campus during the Spring Semester.
  • You will be notified of the Athletic Training Program's decision in late December.

Common ATP Application Questions

  1. Who should I make the check out to?
    • You are welcome to make the check out to the University of Utah. If you prefer, you can drop your check or cash in person as well to the ATP office in HPER E 208.
  2. I am currently in the process of taking Biology 2335, ATSM 3300, ATSM 3310, and H EDU 2720 / I currently working towards my EMR certification? Will this be a problem with the application deadline?
    • Not at all! Just let us know you are currently taking these courses and we will keep track of our course completion in your application folder. All grades and certifications are due by January 3rd.
  3. I took Biology 2335, ATSM 3300, and/or ATSM 3310 at another school, how do I get you my transcript?
    • In order for us to receive your transcript, you must mail your transcript directly to the athletic training program, not The University of Utah. Our direct address is:
      • 260 S 1850 E, HPER N 208
        Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0920
  4. How do I know you have my application or what materials are missing?
    • Once you turn in the application page, we will contact you about the status of your application. 
  5. How do I turn in my observation hours?
    • All students applying for the ATP must document his/her observation hours. This can be done in many ways but it must include the total hours at a site and a signature from the ATC and the student near the total hours. In addition, students are encouraged to include insights, observation notes, or other information with hours for a site. These notes are used in the interview and also help the program understand what the observation consisted of for the student.

Advising: Pre Major

    • Dave Belt
    • HPR North 200
    • 801-587-3374
    • Kaylie Romney
    • HPR North 223
    • 801-581-7586
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