Important Changes To The Masters and Undergraduate Degrees

*The Masters of Athletic Training degree option has not been officially approved by the University of Utah or CAATE. All information provided here is preliminary and is being provided to assist or benefit our partners and prospective students.  The information may be modified at any time until the program is officially approved.  When that occurs, this statement will no longer be on this page.*

The Athletic Training Strategic Alliance announced that the CAATE Standards for Accreditation of Professional Athletic Training Programs will be changed to require that professional programs be at the master’s degree level. The University of Utah is dedicated to meet this accreditation requirement.

Here at the University of Utah, we have decided that we WILL be transitioning to the Master of Athletic Training degree, as is required by the CAATE. We will be enrolling our last BSAT cohort in the Spring of 2019 and our first MSAT cohort in the Summer of 2020. Please see the links on the left more details, the prerequisites, the application, and the admissions criteria for enrolling. (Updates are still being finalized.)

For students who are considering applying to the Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training degree, the final application deadline will be October 31, 2018. The final cohort of students seeking the BSAT degree will be admitted Spring 2019 and will have an expected graduation date of May 2021.

All future prospective Athletic Training students will need to apply to the Master of Athletic Training program.

For students applying to the professional master’s degree, enrollment is expected to start Summer/Fall 2020. For application information or questions, please contact Josh Larson or Shay Christensen at athletictraining@utah.edu .