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Hello Class of 2016, soon to be alumni!!!

You're so close to finishing. Now it's time to think about NBCOT. One must pass the NBCOT to practice. Many students are finishing their fieldwork about a month before graduation. If this is the case, there is a procedure we can follow to start the exam application process earlier. If a student is not finishing by April 1, that student will need to shift the dates according to when fieldwork will be completed.

NBCOT Exam Prep Requirements

  • The student is responsible for ensuring that there is a grade on every course as it was submitted on the program of study in Graduate Student Degree Tracking in CIS, i.e. there are no incomplete courses.
  • The student is responsible for ensuring that there is not a hold on their record (i.e. the account is settled with student loans and that other university debts (library, parking, etc.) have been cleared) as this may hold up the registrar's approval and degree posting.
  • Read the NBCOT handbook. VERY IMPORTANT!
  • Apply to take the NBCOT exam. An application needs to be started by the time the ACVF or transcript reaches NBCOT. You may wish to request that scores be sent to all states in which you intend to practice.
  • Request the registrar to send your transcript as soon as your degree has posted to NBCOT and state licensing board(s), if required.
  • Make sure your name matches all documents (NBCOT, transcript, candidacy form, etc.).
  • Students completing the fieldwork on April 1, and wish to expedite, will need to complete Section 1 ONLY, the student portion, of the NBCOT Academic Credential Verification Form (ACVF). This needs to be turned in, by mail, in person or by fax, to the Division's Administrative Assistant (Kelly) by April 11.
  • After spring semester fieldwork, students need to submit all necessary documentation as proof of completion as soon as possible to Jeanette Koski. She then submits the grade to the registrar's office. A grade for your internship must be posted before the ACVF can be signed or a degree can be posted.

Dates for 2016

April 2 Fieldwork completed for most students
April 11 AOTA, SEFWE, and all FW assignments due to Jeanette. If your assignments and paperwork are not turned in to Jeanette by this date you will receive an incomplete in the course.
ACVF form due to Kelly
by 5:00pm Grades submitted to registrar
April 15 NBCOT exam review
May 5 TBA College of Health Convocation
6:30 University General Commencement

It will take about 3-4 weeks for NBCOT to process the ACVF forms. When the form has been processed, you will receive an Authorization to Test (ATT). This form allows you to make an appointment to take the exam. The earliest students have taken this exam is the first part of May. Your degree will post on or near May 9. Transcripts will most likely be mailed the Monday after commencement. It will take about 3-4 weeks after receipt of transcript for NBCOT to process the exam and review your transcripts.

Revised (24NOV2015)

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