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Textbook Lists

Textbook information can be found by viewing your class schedule in CIS or at the Campus Bookstore.


Because some of the courses and units will be taught by clinical faculty with busy practices, scheduling requires a great deal of flexibility on the part of the student and core faculty. The student may be asked to make last minute changes in plans and schedules. The faculty regrets any inconvenience this may cause the student; however, the primary concern of the Department is an excellent educational experience. Student understanding is appreciated by everyone. The schedules listed below are representative of the current semester only. Past semesters do not predict future semesters.

Spring 2023 Schedule (Link to pdf)

Summer 2023 Schedule (Link to pdf)

Fall 2023 Schedule (Link to pdf) 

Fieldwork Information

Electives Policy

Students are required to complete a minimum of 1 elective course as part of the MOT curriculum. The elective is a way for students to explore and gain skill in an area of interest related to occupational therapy or the development of evidence for occupational therapy practice. While the elective can technically be taken during any semester of the program, students typically will take the elective during spring semester of the second year of the occupational therapy program.

Elective should:

  • be linked to relevant future practice and a chosen emphasis of study. Explore courses in GERON, FSC, PSY, ED PS, SP ED, H EDU, KINES, ECS, CSD, CTLE, SW, PADMN, SOC
  • not conflict with scheduled OC TH classes.
  • be at the 6000 level or above.
  • be at least 2 semester credit hours.

A student may use a course taken prior to entering the OT program if the course is 6000 level or above and was not part of the student’s major coursework for another degree. The student will need to supply a course description and syllabus for review and this will need to be approved by the OT Program Director and the Graduate School.

Before registering for non‐OC TH electives a Occupational Therapy Electives Course Plan Request for Approval (Word .docx download) needs to be submitted to the Program Manager for review. Failure to do so may impact graduation. The approved elective plan must match what is listed on your degree report.

Special Workshops (OC TH 6980) or Independent Study (OC TH 6950) may also be used as electives if they follow the above stated criteria. The Independent Study (OC TH 6950) is used if the student wishes to complete a research elective with one of the OT faculty. Other types of independent studies must have a faculty mentor who has agreed to mentor the student through the independent study and there must be an agreed-upon learning contract & syllabus detailing the work to be accomplished for particular grades.

Graduation Forms

Students must apply for graduation by November 1 of the year prior for spring graduation. Apply for Graduate Degree

Students are responsible for tracking their progress toward graduation. To do this, students must log into the Campus Information System (CIS) and click on the student tab, find the heading "Graduation Information." Under the subheading "Graduation", select "Graduate Student Degree Tracking". Students should also view the Graduation Overview for Masters Candidates on the Graduate School website.

National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) Information

NBCOT is the national exam that all Occupational Therapists need in order to become certified. Refer to their website for more information, test prep, and any questions you may have.