Why a Masters's at the U of U?

A Degree that Leads to a Future

The professional program leading to a Master of Occupational Therapy is rooted in occupation and occupational science. Central to the teaching mission of the program are occupation based, strong occupational therapy skills, professional skills and research. The program has numerous innovative teaching components including a Level II fieldwork focus on health settings and community-service settings. We are committed to educating strong clinicians for the unfolding future.  According to US News, our program is ranked in the top third of all USA OT grad programs (47/156)!

NBCOT Program Statistics

The performance of the graduates of the occupational therapy program on the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) certification examination was as follows:

Year Students Entering/ Graduating Graduation Rate Number of 1st time test takers Number of 1st time test takers who passed Percentage of 1st time test takers who passed
2016 34/33 97% 34 32 94%
2017 33/32 97% 33 32 97%
2018 34/31 92% 31 29 94%
Three-Year 101/96 95% 98 93 95%