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Nutrition 1020


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In Nutrition 1020 students will build an understanding of how all foods affect our bodies and our health. Each student will have the opportunity to assess his/her own nutritional status.

Class Topics

  • Micronutrients
  • Macronutrients
  • Hydration
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Bone Health
  • Eating Disorders
  • Cells/Systems
  • Digestion
  • Special Topics

NUTRITION 1020 allows students to continue with upper division Nutrition courses. This course is open to students from all disciplines, and meets specific health, exercise and wellness course prerequisites. NUTR 1020 also meets the Applied Science General Education requirements.

Nutrition 3550: Healthy Weight for Life

This class explores issues related to weight and health by encouraging critical thinking about how nutrition, physical activity, and our eating environment relate to the daily decisions we make about food and what to eat.

  • Nutrition messages & the media
  • Weight loss & fad diets
  • Why so many Americans have an unhealthy relationship with food
  • Risk factors for eating disorders
  • Mindful eating

This is an online course offered in both the fall & spring.

Nutrition 3620: Cultural Aspects of Food

Discovering the world through food and culture

This unique course provides hands-on taste and flavor explorations of world cuisines with a trained chef as well as dynamic class topics. Discover the connections between food and religion, food used as beauty aides and as medicine and the roles commerce, politics and economics play in local and global food pathways. Learn new ways to broaden your cultural perspectives.

3 credits & fulfills International Requirement (IR)

Nutrition 3850‐01

THRIVE: Practical Exploration of Health and Wellness

NUTR 3850‐01 is a lab that complements NUTR 1020 – you are not required to take the lab and 1020 at the same time, but it is recommended that you are either enrolled in NUTR 1020 or have taken it in the past.


  • Enhance your cooking skills
  • Explore physical, social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, and sexual wellness through the use of food
  • Sports Nutrition/ hydration
  • Delicious and healthful meal planning
  • Eating well on a budget
  • Sustainability of the local food system
  • Learn to cultivate your own food
  • Discover the relationship between food and culture

Applied Science Credit (1 CR)

This course is open to students from all disciplines, and meets specific health, exercise, and wellness course prerequisites. THRIVE also allows students to continue with upper division Nutrition courses as well as meeting Applied Science, General Education requirements.

Nutrition 5100: Advanced Pediatric & Adolescent Nutrition

Interested in pediatric health and wellness? Looking for a great course to complete your nutrition minor? Or just looking for a slightly more flexible class? Come learn how nutrition helps kids grow, learn, and heal in Advanced Pediatric & Adolescent Nutrition

NUTR 5100 3 credits
Where? Online!
When? Spring semester
Instructor: Kristine Jordan, PhD, MPH, RD
Pre-requisite: NUTR 1020

This course will cover the nutrition needs of healthy infants, children, and adolescents as well as medical nutrition therapy for select pediatric diseases and chronic illnesses. A wide range of topics are discussed, in the areas of both community and clinical nutrition! Students planning on working with children in an upcoming career, a job in health care or community health, or even having children of their own in the future will find the class particularly relevant!

Any questions? Contact: Dr. Jordan at kristine.jordan@hsc.utah.edu

Nutrition 5230/6230

Wilderness Nutrition
Examining the interaction of Nutrition and Human Physiology with Heat, Cold and Altitude

NUTR 5230/6230 3 Credits

New Hybrid Format!

This class is designed for search and rescue workers, trip leaders, outdoor recreation specialists, and anyone wanting to develop practical nutrition planning skills for wilderness environments. Counts toward Nutrition Minor! (register under NUTR 5230/6230)

Included Topics

Interaction of environment, physiology and nutrition in temperate, cold, desert, and high altitude environments, nutritious and tasty meal planning for wilderness trips including hands on food preparation and practical field experience in backpacking ration planning, medical nutrition therapy for the injured, dehydrated, starving, or medically challenged person, food sanitation and camp hygiene, and wild edible plants.

New for this semester

The course is now a hybrid course which means class meets online as well as on campus. The class is a mix of audio lectures and online videos with campus time spent on newly designed practical application food preparation and planning. This semester also includes a field trip to City Creek Canyon to identify (and taste) wild edible plants.


    • Weekly nutrition and physiology lectures with hands-on food preparation
    • A 2-3 Day Practical Field Experience in preparing and comparing different types of backpacking rations and meal planning techniques

Recommended Prerequisites

NUTR 1020, 3010, or 4440


Stacie Wing-Gaia, PhD, RD, CSSD

Nutrition 5340: Nutrition & Women’s Health

This course looks at the complex interaction between what women eat and their health.


      • Weight loss & fad diets
      • Nutrition for female athletes
      • Meal planning
      • Nutrition & fertility
      • Nutrition for disease
      • Nutrition & menopause

This course fulfills a Diversity Requirement. NUTR 1020 or 4440 is a prerequisite.

Nutrition 5350: Prevention & Treatment of Eating Disorders

This course examines the dynamic interplay between cultural, social, interpersonal, and psychological factors that influence the etiology of eating disorders. Prevention as well as treatment of eating disorders will be analyzed.

      • Risk factors for eating disorders
      • Eating disorders & athletes
      • Eating disorders & children
      • Successful prevention programs
      • Mindful eating

This is an online course offered in the spring.

Nutrition 5360 Weight Management

Online | On Campus | 3 Credits

Class Topics

In Nutrition 5360 students will learn how to help clients establish a healthful weight through lifestyle change. Specific assessment tools, methods for weight management and motivational techniques will be covered.

      • Assess current research
      • Anthropometric assessments
      • Psychology of lifestyle changes
      • Role of nutrition and physical activity
      • Appetite, hunger, satiety
      • Weight Loss vs. Weight Gain
      • Role of hormones and biochemistry
      • Maintaining sport performance during weight management
      • Critique current diets, medical interventions and supplements

Nutrition 5420: Applied Nutrition Through the Lifecycle


NUTR 1020, 3010, or 4440.



Course Description

The purpose of this course is to provide the student with an in-depth look at nutritional requirements and practical applications throughout the life cycle. We will focus on the incorporation of techniques for developing appropriate eating behaviors and healthy lifestyles. Nutrition assessment, chronic disease, and body composition through the life cycle will also be addressed. The student is expected to have a basic background in nutrition.

Learning Objectives: Active participation in this course should allow the student to:

      • Understand the nutritional needs and requirements during
        • pregnancy and lactation, for both mother and infant
        • the neonatal and childhood years
        • the adult and geriatric years
      • Understand the nutritional benefits & risks associated with the different stages of the lifecycle.
      • Become familiar with the nutritional assessment techniques used for the various age groups.
      • Become familiar with the emotional/mental aspects of dealing with patients at the extremes of the life span.
      • Understand practical techniques for developing appropriate eating behaviors and healthy lifestyles throughout the continuum of life.
      • And, above all, be able to apply this knowledge in a variety of settings and case scenarios.

Nutrition 5650/6650

Eating for Justice, Sustainability, & Health

An exploration of food movements, community supported agriculture, food justice, cooking, & many more delicious things.

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