Nutrition 5420: Applied Nutrition Through the Lifecycle

Prerequisite: NUTR 1020, 3010, or 4440.

Credits: 3

Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to provide the student with an in-depth look at nutritional requirements and practical applications throughout the life cycle. We will focus on the incorporation of techniques for developing appropriate eating behaviors and healthy lifestyles. Nutrition assessment, chronic disease, and body composition through the life cycle will also be addressed. The student is expected to have a basic background in nutrition.

Learning Objectives: Active participation in this course should allow the student to:

  • Understand the nutritional needs and requirements during
    • pregnancy and lactation, for both mother and infant
    • the neonatal and childhood years
    • the adult and geriatric years
  • Understand the nutritional benefits & risks associated with the different stages of the lifecycle.
  • Become familiar with the nutritional assessment techniques used for the various age groups.
  • Become familiar with the emotional/mental aspects of dealing with patients at the extremes of the life span.
  • Understand practical techniques for developing appropriate eating behaviors and healthy lifestyles throughout the continuum of life.
  • And, above all, be able to apply this knowledge in a variety of settings and case scenarios.

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