Nutrition 5230/6230

Wilderness Nutrition

Examining the interaction of Nutrition and Human Physiology with Heat, Cold and Altitude

NUTR 5230/6230 3 Credits

New Hybrid Format!

This class is designed for search and rescue workers, trip leaders, outdoor recreation specialists, and anyone wanting to develop practical nutrition planning skills for wilderness environments. Counts toward Nutrition Minor! (register under NUTR 5230/6230)

Topics include:

  • Interaction of environment, physiology and nutrition in temperate, cold, desert, and high altitude environments,
  • nutritious and tasty meal planning for wilderness trips including hands on food preparation and practical field experience in backpacking ration planning,
  • medical nutrition therapy for the injured, dehydrated, starving, or medically challenged person,
  • food sanitation and camp hygiene,
  • and wild edible plants.

New for this semester

The course is now a hybrid course which means class meets online as well as on campus. The class is a mix of audio lectures and online videos with campus time spent on newly designed practical application food preparation and planning. This semester also includes a field trip to City Creek Canyon to identify (and taste) wild edible plants.


  • Weekly nutrition and physiology lectures with hands-on food preparation
  • A 2-3 Day Practical Field Experience in preparing and comparing different types of backpacking rations and meal planning techniques.

Recommended Prerequisites

NUTR 1020, 3010, or 4440


Stacie Wing-Gaia, PhD, RD, CSSD

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