Nutrition 5100: Advanced Pediatric & Adolescent Nutrition

Interested in pediatric health and wellness? Looking for a great course to complete your nutrition minor? Or just looking for a slightly more flexible class? Come learn how nutrition helps kids grow, learn, and heal in Advanced Pediatric & Adolescent Nutrition

NUTR 5100 3 credits

Where? Online!

When? Spring semester

Instructor: Kristine Jordan, PhD, MPH, RD

Pre-requisite: NUTR 1020

This course will cover the nutrition needs of healthy infants, children, and adolescents as well as medical nutrition therapy for select pediatric diseases and chronic illnesses. A wide range of topics are discussed, in the areas of both community and clinical nutrition! Students planning on working with children in an upcoming career, a job in health care or community health, or even having children of their own in the future will find the class particularly relevant!

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