Tuition & Fees


CMP students are required to register for Approximatelyimately 35 credit hours the first year and 28 credit hours the second year, depending on the chosen course of study. Tuition rates for nutrition graduate students are available through U of U Financial Services. Be sure to look under Health Sciences Nutrition as rates are different for each graduate program.


A variety of housing options are available including graduate student housing, student/family housing, apartment and home rentals. Students can estimate housing costs at $700-$1000 per month.


Transportation costs are variable depending on location of practice sites and use of car or public transportation.

Practice sites are located throughout Utah. Students should expect to travel and are responsible for transportation and living expenses. Students may be placed in practice sites such as St. George, Ogden, Tooele and other areas outside of the Salt Lake Valley.

Food Costs

While highly variable, $500 per month is an estimate of food costs for a graduate student.

Health Insurance

Student Health Services offers health care at 40-60% of the usual rate. Depending on the deductible you choose, rates are Approximatelyimately $156 per month for an individual or $188 for a family. Please see Student Health Services for more information.


Students can receive the immunizations they need at the Student Health Service for Approximatelyimately $75.


Approximatelyimately $500-$800 each year is spent on textbooks.

Laptop or Desktop Computer

Students have access to computers on campus, but many prefer to have their own.

Computer Software

Most students purchase EndnoteSTATA or SPSS, spending Approximatelyimately $200 on software through the University software program. Students can access Microsoft Windows, Powerpoint and Excel at no charge through the University network.

Professional Fees

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) Student Membership: Approximately: $50.00
Registration exam for Registered Dietitians: Approximately: $200.00

Professional Meetings

Attendance at professional meetings (Utah Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Federation for American Societies for Experimental Biology, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, American Society for Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition): students may attend a variety of meetings while in the CMP based on their research interests. Funding for registration may be available through the department, but students will want to budget funds for travel and accommodations.


CMP students may receive assistantships as teaching or research assistants and work 10-20 hours per week. Outside employment is not recommended, particularly during the supervised practice rotations taking place the summer between the first and second year.

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