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Training Officers

Training officer services for Utah EMTs that are not affiliated with a response agency

The Center for Emergency Programs can provide training officer services for Utah EMTs that are not affiliated with a response agency. This would include consultation on what is required to stay certified and how to recertify at the end of your certification period. We will also track your continuing education hours and report them to the State Bureau of EMS. This service can be provided for response agencies also.

For more information call 801-581-4512.


$25 per person per year

About our services

The Center for Emergency Programs understands the increasing difficulty Training Officer's must undergo in order to provide a quality educational experience to their staff and personnel. That is why we are committed to providing excellent educational training for EMT's by using the most advanced technological resources available today.

Streaming Audio and Video technology is one such resource. It allows the EMT to easily view a lecture on their computer, at the convenience of the EMT; it is available anytime and the participant can proceed at their own pace. Review of material is simple and can be repeated as many times as they feel necessary. But it is much more than just watching an "online" presentation. Streaming Audio and Video allows graphic images, video, audio, and PowerPoint presentations to be viewed with the accompanying the technology both enlivens and enhances the learning process by making it a vivacious experience. Then, mastery of this content will be demonstrated through on-line quizzes which will be kept on file at the University of Utah. Once the participant has completed the material, a Certificate of Completion will be available online to be printed, or it can be sent directly to the Training Officer verifying completion of the course.

Viewing the lectures are a snap. The student only needs a computer with a sound card (that is a standard for all computers nowadays) and speakers or headphones for your computer. To stream the media that we've developed requires absolutely NO "plug-ins" for your browser. It's a distinct advantage of what the Center for Emergency Programs has to offer!

This lecture can also be shown to all your staff through the use of your own personal computer projection system so that several students can view the lecture at once. The University is even willing to help you set this up.

The options are limitless. The Training Officer can opt to give their participants the web-page and tell them to complete the material when it's convenient for them, or the Training Officer can set up a time when the lecture is to be viewed by several of it's participants. The web-based tests are always randomized, so no one student will ever receive the same exam, and it can be taken anytime and anywhere.

Contact us

If you are an interested Training Officer, call our office at 801-581-4512 between the hours of 8am - 4pm MST to discuss which option will serve you best. If you get voice mail please leave your name and number and we will return your phone call as soon as possible.

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