How do I request a permission code for a KINES course?

Follow this link: https://health.utah.edu/health-kinesiology-recreation/kinesiology/degrees/undergraduate/permission-request-form.php

Are some KINES courses only offered during certain semesters?

Yes, KINES does not offer every class each semester. Please see your Academic Advisor if you have questions.

Which KINES courses fulfill General Education or Bachelor Degree requirements?

Please check the KINES Course Catalog for KINES courses that fulfill Bachelor Degree requirements. These will be listed as “Course Attributes”.

KINES courses that fulfill University Bachelor Degree requirements (last updated: Spring 2017):

    • KINES 4900
    • Promoting Physical Activity in the Community
    • Diversity (DV) credit
    • KINES 3091
    • Exercise Physiology
    • Quantitative Intensive (QI) credit
    • KINES 3093
    • Biomechanics
    • Quantitative Intensive (QI) credit
    • KINES 4465
    • Exercise Programming
    • Quantitative Intensive (QI) credit

All KINES majors include courses that fulfill the General Education Life Science, Applied Science, and Quantitative Reasoning (QA and QB) requirements.

    • BIOL 1210
    • Principles of Biology
    • Life Science (SF) credit
    • Recommended prerequisite to BIOL 2325 Human Anatomy; BIOL 2325 is required for all KINES students.
    • MATH 1050
    • College Algebra
    • Quantitative Reasoning (QA) credit
    • MATH 1040
    • Introduction to Statistics and Probability
    • Quantitative Reasoning (QB) credit OR
    • MATH 1070
    • Introduction to Statistical Inference
    • Quantitative Reasoning (QB) credit

The General Education and University Bachelor Degree course attributes are subject to change without notice. All questions concerning General Education and University Bachelor Degree courses should be directed to Academic Advising Center, (801) 581-8146. Students should continually check to make sure a course has an attribute using the Course Catalog and Degree Audit Report.

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