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It is core to the mission of the UUCEP to provide "next level" first response medical training to those who realize the need to be well prepared in the event of a disaster.

The field of wilderness medicine has been developed to respond to medical emergencies when:

  • Access to Emergency Medical Services is delayed hours or even days after an emergency occurs
  • Difficult decisions must be made outside of communication with Medical Professionals
  • Medical Equipment is not available and improvisation becomes necessary
  • It is beyond our ability to control the environment

By these criteria, in the aftermath of a natural disaster we all find ourselves deep in an "urban wilderness". The glaring realization between the similarities in wilderness medicine and disaster medicine became apparent in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Many emergency response personnel relied on wilderness medical guidelines when it was simply not possible to follow standard urban guidelines for providing care.

A Physician who triaged patients as they arrived at the Superdome described the process this way...

"his training as a certified wilderness EMT was more valuable to him that week than medical school"

LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND: Hurricane Katrina and the Rescue of Tulane Hospital, by Bill Carey (Clearbrook Press, 2006)

Disaster First Aid and Disaster Medical Responder Courses

Were built from a strong foundation in wilderness medicine to provide an alternative to wilderness medicine training that is specific to disaster response.

Disaster First Aid

A 2 day course that provides foundational first aid training and a brief overview of disaster specific topics. This course is great for those with little to no prior training and who cannot take the time to complete a longer course.

Disaster Medical Responder

A 6 day intensive course. No prior medical training is required but participants will receive practical hands-on training that will provide a solid foundation for providing patient care in challenging post disaster situations. This class is fast paced but it takes the time to go more in depth on all of the topics covered in the Disaster First Aid course, and adding additional topics.

Disaster Medical Responder - Professional

A 6 day course that builds on the foundation of prior EMS training. This course is designed for industrial and community safety officials who may be responsible for large groups and areas. A current EMT Certification as well as FEMA's ICS 100 & ICS 200 are pre-requisites to this course.

All UUCEP Disaster courses provide training for those who recognize the importance of being prepared to provide emergency medical care when 911 is simply not an option. Learn best practices for improvisation and response to medical emergencies in the event of a disaster that overwhelms our modern EMS system.

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