Continuing Education & Recertification

Continuing Education:

UUCEP offers a variety of continuing education opportunities for EMS professionals, ranging from online modules to 3-day refresher courses.  Our current offerings are listed below.

  • EMT Refresher Training Program:  Earn up to 24 hours of Continuing Medical Education towards your EMT recertification. This course will focus on the National Component hours of the NREMT recertification requirements.  Click here to view the pre-course information packet in pdf, or find the page to register for the course here.

  • Individuals may attend individual lectures or lab sessions of our current EMT or AEMT courses for CME hours.  Contact for a schedule or info on a specific topic you are looking for.



  • Those looking to recertify in CPR can find one of our AHA courses listed on our registration site HERE.
  • If you've taken the Advanced First Aid course from us, and would like to recertify, the recert course can be found in the course catalog here under H EDU 3750.
  • EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic: Find CME hours to put towards your recert requirements through the courses listed above under Continuing Education.  We can also provide a consulation with a Training Officer to help you navigate and meet the requirements to recertify under the NREMT and/or the Utah State Bureau of EMS requirements.  You can sign up for that service HERE.
  • UUCEP holds regular NREMT psychomotor exams that are open for public registration.  Please contact us at for the next scheduled exam and to register.


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