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Community Outreach

SPEAK has been doing outreaches on campus and in the community since it began in 2002. We have been invited as guest lecturers in University of Utah classes to educate students on the basics of eating disorders and body image disturbances, prevention approaches, eating disorders and athletes, and the family's role in eating disorders.

We have also facilitated skill-building workshops on such topics as recognizing body image triggers, coping skills, building resilience, and male body image issues. We have been invited by schools and community agencies to provide activity-focused outreaches, doing fun and educational exercises that help build self-esteem and positive body image. We have also coordinated panel discussions, allowing young men and women who have recovered from eating disorders to share their inspirational stories and answer questions from the audience.

If you would like to discuss what SPEAK can do for your organization, please contact us at

Past Outreach Projects

Students Promoting Eating disorders Awareness and Knowledge (SPEAK) is dedicated to raising awareness and educating the community in an effort to prevent disordered eating and body image issues. If you or your organization are interested in having SPEAK do a presentation, please contact us at The following is a list of some community outreach projects that the team has engaged in since its formation in May 2002.

Boys & Girls Club of Murray, UT

Activities focused on: uniqueness, positive qualities, coping with stress

Health Awareness Night

(Invited by Debbie Sanich)
Juan Diego High School
Overview of eating disorders

Health Education Class

(Sherry Jardine and Christine Rydalch, instructors)
Hunter High School
Eating disorders, healthy vs. unhealthy behaviors, coping strategies

Health Education Class

(Colleen Norris, instructor)
Skyline High School
Activities focused on: individuality, media influences on body image

House of Hope

Salt Lake City, UT
Improving Body Image and Self-Esteem

Introduction to Health Science

(Jennifer Carlson, instructor)
Granger High School, West Valley, UT
Using Your Resilient Drives

KCPW-FM: 88.3: National Public Radio

Salt Lake City, Utah
Promotional interview for the team and upcoming workshop series

Mountain View Elementary (invited by Melanie Moffat)

Honors class for 5th grade students
Layton, UT
Activities focused on: Coping skills

National Youth Sports Program

(Invited by Heidi Haramoto; Andy Young, Heidi Schmauch)
University of Utah
Activities focused on: Individuality, Turning to Others, Self Talk, Coping Skills, Self-esteem, Acceptance of self and others

Salary, Wages, & Benefits Committee

University of Utah
Who are we and what do we do?

School Assemblies

Horizon Elementary School, Murray, UT
Viewmont Elementary School, Murray, UT
Liberty Elementary School, Murray, UT
McMillan Elementary School, Murray, UT
Presentation for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade girls: Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

Science Power

(Invited by Melanie Hooten)
School of Medicine, University of Utah
Activities focused on: Self-acceptance, personal values

She & Co.

Salt Lake City, UT
Eating Disorders and Body Image

Student Athlete Mentors

University of Utah
Helping others with eating disorders

Utah Nutrition Council

Salt Lake City, UT
The role of the dietician in the treatment of eating disorders

Young Women's Group

Salt Lake City, UT
Overview of eating disorders and body image

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