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Love Your Body Week is part of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. It is a time to celebrate our bodies, no matter the shape or size, and all that we can do with our bodies.

It is also a time to be aware of the things that make us feel bad about ourselves and fight them with the things that make us feel good about ourselves. Most importantly, it is about learning to be comfortable with who we are.


I Had No Idea (National Theme for LYBW 2015)



The mission of LYBW is to encourage acceptance and celebration of human diversity through body shapes and sizes. We encourage kindness and affirmation of human value regardless of differences in weight, physical size, shape, age, and ability.

We hope to contribute to changing the socio-cultural ideals that equate thinness with health, beauty, and happiness often leading to hatred of fat and the emergence of eating disorders.


Healthy bodies are beautiful,
some are thin and some are short, yet many more are plentiful;
Healthy bodies are strong,
they work, they play, and endure many storms;
Healthy bodies move,
they run, they walk, and like to groove;
Healthy bodies are smart,
they know that thin does not mean squat!
Healthy bodies are kind,
they love, accept, and embrace all kinds;
Be a healthy body!
be kind, be loving, and accept everybody!

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