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What is SPEAK?

SPEAK is an acronym for Students Promoting Eating disorder Awareness and Knowledge. We are a diverse group of University of Utah students, health care professionals, and community members from many different educational backgrounds. Our mission is to promote awareness of eating disorders and body image issues through educating diverse populations, developing strategies for prevention, providing resources for treatment, and conducting relevant research.

Goals and Objectives

  • - Promote self-esteem
  • - Promote self-efficacy
  • - Promote healthy body images
  • - Promote healthy eating habits

Membership Guidelines

  • All interested persons 18 years or older must complete an application and pay an annual fee to be considered a member of the team and participate in team outreaches, research projects, or activities.
  • All members must adhere to the rules and guidelines in the team’s Constitution. Any written or spoken representation of SPEAK should be approved and supervised by the faculty advisor.
  • Members are encouraged to attend all team meetings; team meetings are generally held once a month.
  • Members should provide current contact information to the faculty advisor to ensure team records are up-to-date.
  • Participation in outreach, research and/ or SPEAK activities is encouraged and expected. Please sign up for activities only if you are able to commit.
  • All members are encouraged to bring up ideas, thoughts, and questions at any of the team meetings.
  • Any concerns or comments will be addressed in private to any of the team officers or the faculty advisor.
  • All SPEAK activities are considered service-based and educational. There should be no charge for any products or services provided by SPEAK.
  • SPEAK cannot run support groups or counseling. Individuals in need of counseling services should be referred to SPEAK treatment resource list or University of Utah Counseling Center.

Video: "I had no idea..."

Watch the "I Had No Idea" video on YouTube.

Beacons of Excellence

Started in 2012, The University of Utah began awarding Beacons of Excellence to individuals, groups, and projects that highlight transforming the educational experience. In 2014 SPEAK was awarded one of the honors.

Beacon of Excellence 2014

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