A nuclear medicine technologist is a highly specialized healthcare professional who works closely with the nuclear medicine physician. This career requires direct patient care, use of computer applications, handling of radionuclides, correct performance of procedures and successful performance in the healthcare environment.

Students will learn the skills and knowledge required of a nuclear medicine technologist and graduates will be prepared to successfully complete the national exam in nuclear medicine technology that is required for certification and state licensure.

Students can declare the Health Promotion and Education (H EDU) major after meeting with an advisor. Students who wish to pursue the Health Promotion and Education (H EDU) degree with an emphasis in Nuclear Medicine Technology (NMT) must complete the H EDU prerequisites and an application before being admitted into the emphasis. For more information on the Nuclear Medicine Technology Emphasis and Careers please refer to the links below.


Students applying to the Nuclear Medicine Technology (NMT) emphasis must:

  1. Meet with the Nuclear Medicine Technology Emphasis advisor, Otto Casal prior to submitting an application
  2. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.7
  3. Have taken all prerequisite courses within the last 10 years
  4. Have a letter grade of C- or better in all major courses and prerequisite classes
  5. Have all prerequisites completed. We accept either PHYS 1010 or 2010. The accepted chemistry classes with the lab are: CHEM 1110 or 1210. (If taking to CHEM 1110/1210 or PHYS 1010, must at least be enrolled before submitting your application.)
  6. Must complete all prerequisites before beginning the Nuclear Medicine Technology emphasis courses, which start the following July.
  7. Graduate within one semester after finishing H EDU 4810. If a student does not graduate within one semester of finishing the NMT required certification courses, the student may not be eligible to sit for the certification exams or practice as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist.
  8. Be able to successfully pass a drug screen and background check and be able to pass the ethical eligibility requirements of the NMTCB and/or ARRT in regards to criminal convictions after being admitted. If a student has had a prior criminal conviction, they are advised to pre-apply through the NMTCB and/or ARRT to ensure that they will be eligible to complete the national exam.
  9. Complete a student observation time in nuclear medicine prior to applying. Please contact the Nuclear Medicine Technology Emphasis advisor, Otto Casal, to schedule the observation.

    Observation Experience:

    • A required observation experience in our department allows us to receive a first glance at all prospective applicants.  Information from your experience will be relayed to the admissions committee and utilized during the selection process.
    • Complete a student observation time in nuclear medicine prior to applying. Please contact Otto Casal, Education Director, to schedule the observation. Only students who are academically prepared to apply will be granted observation times.
    • Prior to your observation we require that you complete the Shadow Application with: name, address, email, phone and age, then sign and date.  
    • We also require you to be current with immunizations.  Our Immunization Sheet must be completed and also you must provide documentation of proof for immunization - this includes current influenza vaccination.  You should be able to obtain copies of proof from whomever the provider was for administering the immunizations.
    • Once these are returned (scan and email is quickest), we can schedule your observation.
    • NOTE: Observations are only held from April through the week of Thanksgiving.  This allows us time for holidays and also to prepare for the application processing and interviews.
  10. Complete all application materials as described in the "Application Materials for the Nuclear Medicine Technology Emphasis" section fully and on time.
  11. Completion of a Phlebotomy course is required.

Failure to meet the above criteria will require the student to relinquish their position in the program for that year and the student will need to reapply.