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Health, Promotion, & Education Faculty

Shelly Beck

Shelly Beck

Pre EMS and Community Education, Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Health-Kinesiology-Recreation Assistant Professor, Health Promotion & Education

Phone: 801-581-4512

Les Chatelain

Les Chatelain, MS

Chair Department of Health Promotion & Education, Instructor (Lecturer), EMS Academic Advisor

Phone: (801) 581-4512

Julia Franklin u0224216

Julia Franklin

Coordinator, Health Education Specialist and Wellness Coaching Program, Health-Kinesiology-Recreation, Associate Professor (Lecturer), Health-Kinesiology-Recreation

Phone: 801-581-7289

Nick Galli u0470820

Nick Galli

Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Health, Kinesiology, and Recreation

Phone: 801-585-9927

Connie Holder

Connie Holder

Coordinator of EMT Programs, Assistant Professor (Lecturer)

Phone: 801-581-4512

Jessica L. King u6026807

Jessica L. King

Assistant Professor, Health Kinesiology Recreation

Phone: 801-581-7964

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Jennifer M. Lehmbeck

Associate Professor (Lecturer), Health-Kinesiology-Recreation

Phone: 801-581-3481

Ania Leopardi

Anita Leopardi

Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Director of.Undergraduate Studies in Health & Kinesiology

Phone: 801-585-1081

Andy Rich

Andy S. Rich

Coordinator of Remote Rescue Training

Phone: 801-581-3785

Glenn E. Richardson, PhD profile picture

Glenn E. Richardson

Professor, Health-Kinesiology-Recreation

Phone: 801-581-8039

Research: My research interests include: Creativity in health promotion teaching and communicating, Resiliency as a process that disrupts people out of adapted states of biopsychospiritual homeostasis which...

Chris Stratford

Chris K. Stratford

Instructor (Lecturer), Health Promotion & Education

Phone: 801-581-2305