Statistics that show the difference

Last year we spent over 8,500 hours across 7 clinics helping nearly 3800 patients. All of this adds up to more hours doctors can spend directly with patients, better help for those in need, and real-world experience for the nations future healthcare providers.

 volunteers listening to a clinicians instructions


Don't take our word for it

"I had an interaction with an individual a week ago that I had previously helped in the fall of this year. The last time we had an interaction, they were homeless and needed assistance with almost every need on our list. After we both recognized each other and said hello, I asked if there was anything that I could help with. They responded with no, and began describing how their life has gone through many positive changes. They explained to me with a big smile that they were no longer homeless and that they are the happiest they have been in a long time. It is absolutely awesome to see people progress in life and find more happiness." - Dylan, volunteer.



"I was a little teary eyed going into my last shift with Connect2Health today. I have spent two years volunteering and it makes me realize how much I am going to miss patient interactions, hearing stories, discovering new resources in the area, seeing all the volunteers, and just helping people. I have learned so much with C2H and it is definitely an experience I will remember for the rest of my life.

"I remember how frightening it was to have my first solo shift, approaching my first patient at the waiting room, and even making my first voicemail. I feel like I have gained a lot more confidence in my interactions with others due to this experience and many people I know have seen the difference. Thank you to everyone has contributed to my growth and positive experience!." - Jordenn, volunteer.



"The most beneficial thing I learned was how to professionally communicate and work with people regardless of their background, race, or social status. This was a skill I began to develop after I learned to never fear to interact with others because of their exterior appearance." - Alex, volunteer. 


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