Improving patient care and ourselves

We work with health clinics and patients so the patient can get more complete care. Informing and empowering patients to meet their specific needs helps the patient get better control of their wellness, lessens the need for future medical services, and eases the strain many clinics and healthcare providers feel.

How we do this is as varied as the patients themselves. It's difficult to describe the scope of the services we provide because we are as flexible as the clinics and doctors need us to be. The best way to understand what we do is to hear from the people we work with.

Watch what clinicians say about us

A brief video that describes what Connect2Health does.

See what our volunteers say 

"I have really enjoyed my time so far on the Wellness Bus not only for the people I am able to serve, but also because of the people I serve with. Working on a small team has really showed me the importance of collaboration and teamwork. It has opened my eyes to see that caring for individuals is not something that we can accomplish on our own, but rather something that is best accomplished when a team of experts combine their skills to provide high-quality care.

"I love how not only the expertise skills of individuals are valued, but also the unique characteristics are woven together to provide superior patient care." - Ben, volunteer.

Connect2Health and the Media

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  • What we stand for

    Our mission:

    To empower individuals to utilize community resources in order to cultivate multi-dimensional health.

    Our vision:

    A healthcare community that fosters self-sufficiency with dignity.

    Our goals:

    • Help our clinical partners address their patients’ social determinants of health.
    • Connect patients and families to community resources that can meet their needs.
    • Provide students with a unique and meaningful volunteer experience that will shape them into dynamic and insightful future health professionals.
  • A volunteer attends a patient

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