Who we are

Connect2Health is a University of Utah, student-driven program that trains student volunteers to work in partnership with local clinics to bridge the gap that separates under-served patients from available community resources and education.



Why we do what we do

Kelsey Lassen “My experience volunteering with C2H has been one of the most influential opportunities of not just my college experience but likely my life. I have had the honor this semester of volunteering at the 4th Street Clinic twice a week. Each patient has a different need, a different story. I have celebrated with patients as they have gotten accepted for Medicaid; I have consoled patients through the hardships of being h omeless and not even knowing where to start to get back on their feet.

"Some days, I can feel the difference we are making in these individuals' lives; others, I leave feeling helpless. But, as Gandhi once said:

' It's the action, not the fruit of the action, that's important. You have to do the right thing. It may not be in your power, may not be in your time, that there'll be any fruit. But that doesn't mean you stop doing the right thing. You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.'

"To me, Connect2Health epitomizes much of Gandhi's teachings. It has given me an outlet to recognize problems in our community, learn about things such as the social determinants of health and then actually get out there and try to make a difference. I cannot wait to continue volunteering in the fall.” -Kelsey, volunteer.


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