The 4 Year Plan

The following proposed program of study should allow students to complete their SPHS Bachelor’s Degree in 4 academic years (8 semesters). Students should plan to take a minimum of 15 credit hours/semester, completing most of their lower division general education requirements during the first two years to equal approximately 63 credits of course work. Details are provided in the Undergraduate Studies Handbook.

I. General Education Requirements

The lower division general education requirements include:

  • 2 math courses (QA & QB)
  • 2 fine arts (FF)
  • 2 humanities (HF)
  • 2 science courses (2 SF or 1 SF and 1 AS)
  • 1 American Institutions (AI)
  • Lower division writing requirement (WR2)

Lists of pre-approved courses for these requirements can be found in the Undergraduate Studies Handbook. Students will need to supplement these requirements with other elective courses in order to meet the 60 credits by the end of their 2nd year.

II. Required Allied Sciences

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) requires students pursuing certification to complete the following science coursework within the student’s first 2 years of school. These courses can be used to satisfy the University’s physical/life science (SF) and social/behavioral science (BF) general education requirements.

  • 1 course in either Psychology, Sociology, Family Consumer Studies, Anthropology, or Gender Studies
  • 1 course in either Physics or Chemistry
  • 1 course in either Biology or Nutrition

In addition to these lower division requirements, the following requirements must be completed in order for students to complete the University of Utah’s Bachelor’s degree requirements:

  • 1 diversity course (DV)
  • 1 international course (IR)

These courses can be completed concurrently with the major courses or with the lower division general education courses. Students must also complete 40 upper division credits and have a minimum of 122 credits in order to be awarded a degree.

III. Required Core Coursework

The SPHS major coursework consists of 1 upper division statistics (QI) course (e.g. FCS 3210, PSY 3000 or SOC 3112) and 14 CSD courses. Courses addressing the University’s communicative writing (CW) and quantitative intensive reasoning (QI) requirements are included. All departmental courses with the exception of CSD 1010: Introduction to Communication Sciences and Disorders should be completed during the student’s junior and senior years. Students should supplement their CSD credit hours with electives or upper division general education courses to meet University requirements.

IV. Clinical Observations

Students in the CSD program must complete 25 clinical observation hours over the course of their program of study. These hours must be recorded on the Observation Hour Tracking Form and turned in to the Academic Coordinator before graduation. See your advisor for the form.

Please note that this plan does not include summer semesters. Credit hours per semester can be lighter if courses are taken in the summer. Courses offered during the summer semester vary each year; students should check with the department undergraduate advisor for updates.

Download & print the 4-Year/8-Semester worksheet.

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Disclaimer: We attempt to keep the information on the webpage current and accurate; however, students should always contact a departmental advisor to confirm that the plans they are making reflect the most current information.