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Post-Master’s Degree Program

This page contains information about the post-masters program. It contains courses, requirements, tuition, and the application.

Sequence AuD Program (2015-2019)

Subject to modification. See Dr. Naidu with questions.

Download printable schedule.

Course # Course Title Credits

I. Basic Science Coursework (Select 2)

CSD 6650 Advanced Anat & Physiology Hearing 3
CSD 7420 Psychoacoustics and Instrumentation 3
PHTH 7050 Neuroanatomy 5
CSD 6800 Temporal Bone Anat. 3
Subtotal 6-8

II. Advanced Audiology Courses (Select 4)

CSD 7050 Medical & Physiologic Aspects 3
CSD 7850 Pediatric Audiology 3
CSD 7860 Vestibular Assessment and Rehab 3
CSD 7550 Advanced Seminar Amplification 3
CSD 7880 Advanced Electrophysiology 4
CSD 7640 Seminar Implantable AuD Prostheses 3
CSD 7740 Grand Rounds 3
CSD 7450 Advanced Aural Habilitation & Rehab. 3
Subtotal 12-13

III. Electives (Select 2)

CSD 7840 Seminar in Audiology 3
CSD 7210 Professional Practice Aspects in Audiology 3
CSD 6320 Assessment of Child Language Disorders 3
CSD 6340 Language Disorders in Young Children 3
CSD 6800 Independent Study 3
CSD 6820 Special Topics 3
CSD 7350 Aphasia 3
CSD 7410 Cognitive-Communication Disorders 3
CSD 7830 Seminar – Speech Behavior 3
CSD 7370 Lang Differences in Multicultural Populations 3
Subtotal 6

IV. Research*

CSD 7730 AuD Research Project 6
CSD 7930 Advanced Research Methods 3
Subtotal 9
Total Semester Credits 25-35


*Research Requirements

  1. If thesis and a research design or statistics course were completed within the past 10 years, the equivalent research category requirements are waived.
  2. If a thesis was completed more than 10 years ago, the 6 credit research project will be replaced with the Research Methods course and a 3-credit research-based independent study.
  3. If no thesis was completed as part of the Master’s degree program, then category IV must be completed.

**Traineeship Requirements

Must be completed prior to entry to the program, with current state licensure or national audiology certification.



Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders tuition will be charged for the first 2 semesters “in residency”. After the 2 semesters of residency in the program are complete, then the differential tuition portion is waived, and tuition will be charged at the lower general graduate school rate. For current information on tuition, please refer to the University website.


Please refer to the applications section of our department website.

Program Application

Contact Us

Susan Naidu, PhD, CCC-A
Aud Program Director

Leigh Ann Benevides
Program Information Coordinator